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posted by carla66
i walked down the stairs with my sister a bit nervoously beacause i was meeting her boyfriend and his band for the first time i wisper to my sister "do not leave my side please" and she replied "of course" we walked in and she کہا "loui!" and ran over to him and i say to myelf " thanks for that" and my sister کہا ashly this is loui my boyfriend so i کہا hi and he کہا hi back then she introduced me to the rest of the band and then i felt a bit hungry so i walked through to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and i heard liam say ارے brb going to get something to eat so 1 منٹ later he was in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ with me and he کہا hi hows u
so i کہا im fine then one thing lead to another and he asked me out and i کہا yes so on the تاریخ we went to the cinema and at the end of the movie he kissed me ...
According to حالیہ rumors, One Direction member Liam Payne is ready to marry girlfriend Danielle Peazer! "Liam and Danielle are already talking about serious commitment. He's got it all worked out already -- he's really mature for his age," spilled a source. Despite all of the marriage talk, though, it turns out the rumors aren't true! "I'm not getting need to rush," Liam tweeted. I'm glad Liam is happy with his current relationship and I can't wait to see if Danielle really is the one!
posted by rusher29
 Liam <33
Liam <33
*Sorry for mistakes!*

“I've always had a strange fear of spoons.”

“I would make Harry my personal slave and would make him drive me places.”

“I'd be a birthday cake!”

“I would... learn how to drive... have a nice car... and drive it.”

“Whenever I'm sad I just imagine babies with mustaches.”

“It's On Like Donkey Kong.”

Interviewer: "What's the meanest thing you've ever done?" Liam: One time I didn't say 'god bless you' when someone sneezed"

"Believe it یا not, but even when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about meeting fans"

"Louis shaved my chin the other day, but then he accidentally...
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posted by jayk_lover
It was around 8 o'clock in the morning when I woke-up. I was just laying in بستر when I heard the bedroom door open. I knew it was Liam. I didn't move. The blanket lifted up and he carefully layed اگلے to me and put his arms around me. I smiled. Me and Liam have been dating for about 6 months but the thing one bknows except for Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. I know how bad it sounds but its really not that bad. No one is in our business یا anything. The thing I don't like about keeping our relationship a secret is sneaking around everywhere. Liam kissed me on the cheek. I turned over...
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Liam Payne is reportedly keen to settle down and have a family before he is 25.

Liam, who is currently in a relationship with dancer Danielle Peazer, is کہا to be very serious about commitment and "really mature for his age."

"He's کہا all along he wants to be a young dad," a close friend told The Sun newspaper. "He reckons at 25 he'll be on nappy changing duty.

"Liam and Danielle are already talking about [it]," the ذریعہ continued. "He's got it all worked out already."

The happy couple were seen celebrating the wedding of JLS member Marvin Humes and The Saturdays سٹار, ستارہ Rochelle Wiseman over the weekend — and definitely weren't afraid to دکھائیں a little PDA!

"The boys were joking that he would be اگلے at Marv and Rochelle's wedding — and he didn't deny it."

Would آپ be upset if Liam and Danielle settled down? یا do آپ think they make a cute couple?
posted by jayk_lover
Louis and Harry took the water balloons out back and hid. I went down to the kitchen. Liam, Zayn, and Niall turned to look at me when I walked in.

"Are آپ ready to tell me?" Liam asked

I didn't say anything. I just stood there smiling at them. Zayn looked at me funny.

"What do آپ have behind your back?" Zayn asked
"Nothing" I said
They all gave me weird looks
"Are we gonna do this یا what?" Niall asked
"Yes we are but first...." I said
I had a water gun behind my back. I took it and sprayed the guys and ran out back. As soon as Liam, Zayn, and Niall got outside we started throwing water balloons....
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posted by dickem
Today is emilee's 20th birthday party!!!!!

Liam: hello, Mr. Dick, May I?
Henry: alright, but watch those hands mister.
Liam: of course!

Emilee: hello handsome!
Liam: hello birthday girl
Emilee: ... and birthday boy
Liam: please, this دن is about آپ and only you! Ummm...... Emilee I've planned a surprise for you. The boys are backstage and we would like to sing آپ a song, your پسندیدہ song..... kiss you. And we have a guest سٹار, ستارہ it's............. you!!!!!!
Emilee: really?
Liam: really!

Liam: excuse me, I have a surprise for the birthday girl, Emilee, please sing a duet with your 5 پسندیدہ guys.
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posted by jayk_lover
Around one o'clock we decided to go out for lunch. When we got to the restaurant there was people everywhere! Mainly the press.

"Don't worry Liz you'll get use to it" Zayn said

Liam leaned in and whispered 'i promise' into my ear

When we got out of the car Liam grabbed my hand and held it tight. Louis wrapped his arms securely around my waist and the other guys stood close by.

"Crazy!" I mumbled to myself

When we left it was the same nothing changed. As we walked to the car the press kept asking me سوالات but I ignored them. I really hope I can get use to this. Its gonna be hard but I'm going...
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posted by Lollipop1234
“I’m going to miss آپ so, so, so much,” آپ say as tears stream down your face. Your boyfriend, Liam, kisses آپ on the lips and wraps his arms around you. “I’m going to come back in a week,” he says. “It’s going to be okay.” Tears stream down your face. “I know that, but I also know that آپ are going to go so far on the X Factor and after that, آپ will always be busy,” آپ say through sobs. “But, I will always have time for my Angel,” he says hugging you. آپ cry into his chest, getting his شرٹ, قمیض all wet. “Oh god, I’m going to miss you!” He finally said,...
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posted by jayk_lover
*1 week later*

When I went out to check the mail this morning there was a lady and some Guy standing behind her with a camera

"Can I help آپ with something?" I asked
"Yes does Liam Payne live here?" She asked
"Why?" I asked a little rudly
"Because we have some سوالات for him about his mystery girl"
"What so important about her anyways?"
"She's dating Liam Payne!"

I just stood there and looked at her for a minute. I sighed heavily.

"Fine but آپ can't tell anyone! Come in"

A huge smile formed on her face.

"Liam!" I yelled

He almost came running down the stairs.

"What is it?... who are these people?"...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
SIMON Cowell is allowing his X Factor boyband One Direction to write their own songs on their debut album.

Harry Styles, 17, Louis Tomlinson, 19, Liam Payne, 17, Niall Horan, 17, and Zayn Malik, 18, will release their first single in June.

And the One Direction lads, who are also ambassadors for the new Pokémon releases, can’t wait for their موسیقی to come out.

Liam bubbled: “Some boybands can be generic but we want to be special. We want to release our first single in June. It’s gonna be a big summer feelgood hit.”

Niall added: “We are involved in all the writing. The label wanted...
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