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 Spirit in the dark
Spirit in the dark
Lindsay Lohan has announced that her new album will be called “Spirit In The Dark” and it will be released on November 4th.The singer turned actress has also unveiled that the song entitled “Playground” will be the first single for the project.
The track will hit radio stations nationwide in September.

List of the songs:

1.Bossy (Produced سے طرف کی Stargate)
2.Playground (Feat.Pharrell)
3.Spirit In The Dark
4.The Way We Move
5.Washing My Hands (Produced سے طرف کی Tricky Stewart)
6.Problem Solver (Call Me) (Produced سے طرف کی Tricky Stewart)
8.I Will Find Out Who U are
9.This Time Around
10.Me Myself And...
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