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This Lord of the Rings پیپر وال might contain غروب آفتاب, طلوع آفتاب, آگ, شعلوں, نرک, آگ کے شعلوں سے پراسرار, چمنی, چولہا, کھلی چمنی, and چولھا.

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Chapter 1
Frodo’s journey is not yet complete as he makes his way to Mount Doom. Some scared and confused Orc’s are letting Frodo pass in confusion hoping for forgiveness and freedom. The battle at the black gates continues and the dark forces are conquering the forces of good. Orc scouts are informing the dark lord Sauron of his creature’s treachery. He gets his most powerful forces to deal with him; The Nazgul. The Nazgul are treacherous foul creatures who were once kings of men. Sauron has lost his finest warrior; the Witch king of Angmar in the battle of Minas Tirith on Pellenor fields....
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"The fallen Vala Melkor shall break out of the Void and destroy the Gates of Night. He will destroy the Sun and the Moon. All the free peoples of Middle-earth shall fight against him. Many will be slain, and many battles lost. We the Valar and the Maiar shall help the people, but our role shall be minor. The fate of Middle-earth will rest upon the Light and the آگ کے, آگ of the Final Dawn."

The سیکنڈ Prophecy of Námo

Dark storm clouds rolled across the crimson sky as thunder boomed in the distance. The smoke from Mount Doom added its color into the clouds while molten lava sprayed into the acrid...
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Chapter Cinema, Cardiff is proud to present a special FREE screening of the Lord of the Rings پرستار film, The Hunt For Gollum on Saturday 24th October at 6pm, together with Blair Witch spoof, Blair Thumb

This is only the سیکنڈ opportunity for شائقین in the UK to see The Hunt For Gollum on the big screen and for free.

To claim your free ticket call in to Chapter, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE, یا ring 02920 311050.

Fancy dress is encouraged with a prize for the best Lord of the Rings costume
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