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[Ben runs though the jungle, he trips and falls]

[Ilana, Sun, Frank, and Miles pass سے طرف کی carrying torches ... he approaches them]

ILANA: Where's Jarrah?

BEN: I'm fine. Thank you.

ILANA: Where is he?

BEN: Considering that he just killed Dogen, I don't think he's going to be joining us.

SUN: Who's Dogen?

MILES: The guy in charge at the temple.

BEN: Yeah, he killed the interpreter too.

ILANA: Are آپ sure?

BEN: He was standing over their dead bodies holding a bloody dagger, so yeah, I'm pretty sure.

[Sun turns to Ilana]

SUN: آپ کہا we would be محفوظ at the temple!

ILANA: That's what I was told...

BEN: Well, what about the beach?

ILANA: What beach?

BEN: Where we buried Locke. Where they lived. At least we'll have the water at our backs and it's familiar territory. Anybody else got a better idea?

ILANA: No. The ساحل سمندر, بیچ it is.

SUN: That way!

ILANA: Move.

[In the parallel timeline, Ben teaches a history class]

BEN: It was on this island that everything changed. That everything finally became clear. Elba... was where Napoleon faced his greatest test. Because exile wasn't the worst of his fate. What was truly devastating to him was the loss of his power. Sure, they allowed him to keep the عنوان of Emperor... but without any power it was meaningless. He might just as well have been dead.

[The گھنٹی, بیل rings ... students begin to file out]

BEN: Alright. Remember, five and six tomorrow. Thank you.

[Principal Reynolds appears in the doorway]

BEN: Principal Reynolds, good morning.

REYNOLDS: Walk with me.

[Moments they later, they walk through a courtyard]

REYNOLDS: Linus, there's been a slight schedule shift, I'm going to need آپ to supervise detention after school today.

BEN: What?

REYNOLDS: In fact, all week. Cutbacks, budget crises, events above your pay grade... needless to say, some of us have to pull double duty.

BEN: But we have history club today, those kids need me.

REYNOLDS: There are five students in history club, Linus. They'll live.

BEN: Shouldn't we be encouraging the ones with ambition?

REYNOLDS: Spare me. The club isn't for them, it's for you. It makes آپ feel needed. Unfortunately, for now, you're needed. In detention. Thanks for your understanding, Linus.

[Principal Reynolds walks away]

BEN: It's Dr. Linus, actually.

[Later, Ben sits down to lunch with Arzt]

ARZT: Oh, for the love of... it's ruined! It's ruined! Oh...

BEN: What's the problem, Leslie?

[Arzt is wiping at his shirt]

ARZT: Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde's the problem. آپ know what gets out formaldehyde? Nothing. Maybe if I had some frickin' lab aprons I wouldn't have to pay for incompetent students with another trip to Marshall's.

BEN: Budget cutbacks...

ARZT: How hard would it be for Reynolds to spread out a little of the love to the sciences? I mean, I'm dealing with lab equipment in there from the 1950's. Now why is that?

BEN: Principal Reynolds is an administrator. He's not a teacher. He's forgotten what the public schools' system is about.

ARZT: Yeah... summers off in exchange for a crap pension. I'm happy to remind him.

BEN: No. Taking care of the kids, that's what's important.

ARZT: Okay, آپ just keep dreamin'...

BEN: Well, I know you've دیا up but I refuse to.

JOHN: Maybe آپ should be the principal.

[Ben looks up at John Locke, who is sitting nearby]

ARZT: So says the substitute...

BEN: What do آپ mean I should be the principal?

JOHN: Just sounds like آپ care about this place. And if the man in charge doesn't, then maybe it's time for a change.

BEN: I appreciate the sentiment, but who's going to listen to me?

[John raises his hand]

JOHN: I'm listenin'.

[Ilana, Sun, Frank, Miles, and Ben trek through the jungle]

MILES: How about آپ tell me what that thing back there was?

[Ben looks at Ilana]

BEN: That thing's what killed her دوستوں back at the statue.

ILANA: And Jacob, right? It killed Jacob too.

BEN: Yeah, of course, and Jacob--

ILANA: Of course...

[Ilana looks at Miles]

ILANA: You're Miles, right? Miles Straume? آپ communicate with the dead?

MILES: Not technically. I... I can tell آپ how someone died, pick up their last thoughts before they check out, but... I need to be near their body.

ILANA: This is what's left of Jacob's body.

[Ilana hands Miles the pouch full of ashes]

ILANA: So tell me, Miles... how did he die?

[Miles kneels down, clutching the pouch and concentrating]

MILES: Linus killed him.

BEN: What? That's not true!

[Ilana looks at Miles]

ILANA: Are آپ sure?

MILES: He was standing over Jacob's body with a bloody dagger, so... yeah, I'm pretty sure.

ILANA: Thank you.

[She looks at Ben]

ILANA: Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to a father.

[Miles looks at Ben]

MILES: Uh-oh.

[The group continues marching toward the beach]
ترمیم Act 2

[The group arrives on the beach]

ILANA: I'm gonna look for some tools and get to work on some shelter. The rest of آپ see what food's left. Maybe get a آگ کے, آگ going.

MILES: Yeah, a آگ کے, آگ will fix everything...

[Ben approaches Ilana, who is gathering long strands of wire]

BEN: Is there anything you'd like me to do?

[She does not reply]

BEN: آپ know, that psychic is totally unreliable. Miles actually tried to blackmail me once.

[Ilana storms off ... Frank approaches]

FRANK: آپ make دوستوں easy, don't you?

[In the alternate timeline, Ben takes a frozen رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا out of the microwave and presents it to his sick father]

BEN: I made آپ one of the turkey meals, with the کرینبیری sauce that آپ like.

ROGER: It ain't one of them... lean deals is it?

BEN: No, dad... it's organic. I'm trying to keep آپ healthy.

ROGER: Well, it's a little too late for that. How was work?

[Ben begins changing Roger's oxygen tank]

BEN: I have a doctorate in modern Eurpoean history, and yet I'm babysitting burnouts in detention...

ROGER: Detention, huh?

BEN: And the worst of it is, as I look out at those ingrates that I'm tasked with watching, I can't help thinking that maybe I'm مزید a loser than any of them.

ROGER: This isn't the life I wanted for you, Ben. I wanted so much more.

BEN: I know.

ROGER: That's why I signed up for that damn Dharma Initiative and took آپ to the island, and... they were decent people. Smarter than I'll ever be. Imagine how different our lives would have been if we'd stayed.

BEN: Yes, we'd have both lived happily ever after...

ROGER: No, I'm serious, Ben! Who knows what آپ would have become?

[Ben turns on Roger's new tank]

BEN: Now, does that feel better?

ROGER: Ah, yes. Thank you.

[The doorbell rings ... Ben جوابات the door and finds Alex on the other side]

BEN: Alex?

ALEX: Dr. Linus. Where were آپ today? We had to منسوخ history club.

BEN: Oh, I'm so sorry, I should've put a note on the door. The club meetings have to be postponed, I'm in detention all week.

ALEX: Oh yeah? What did آپ do?

[Ben laughs]

BEN: Principal Reynolds needs me to cover, so...

ALEX: AP test this Friday. I was kind of... counting on the tutoring.

BEN: Alright, how about this? Tomorrow morning, 7 A.M in the library. And آپ bring the coffee.

ALEX: Thanks. God, you're the best, Dr. Linus.

BEN: My pleasure, Alex.

ALEX: Okay.

[Alex walks off]

BEN: See you.

[At the beach, Sun approaches Ilana, who is still gathering wire]

SUN: Excuse me... how long are we going to stay here?

ILANA: I told you. I don't know yet.

SUN: I need to find my husband.

ILANA: Trust me, if anyone wants to find him, it's me. But I don't know where to look.

SUN: Why do آپ want to find Jin?

ILANA: Because your last name is Kwon. So is his. And I don't know whether I'm supposed to protect you, him, یا both of you.

SUN: Protect us? What are آپ talking about?

ILANA: You're candidates. To replace Jacob.

SUN: Replace him? To do what?

ILANA: If you're the one selected, I imagine you'll find out.

SUN: Wait... آپ کہا candidates. How many are there?

ILANA: Six. There are only six left.

[Out in the jungle, Hurley sleeps soundly]

HURLEY: Cheese curds...

JACK: Hurley. Come on, wake up.

[Hurley wakes with a groan]

JACK: Come on, let's go. We can make the temple سے طرف کی nightfall.

HURLEY: I'm hungry. Let's eat breakfast first.

JACK: No, we can eat on the way.

HURLEY: What's the rush? آپ know, maybe we should... take our time.

JACK: Why?

HURLEY: Because.

JACK: I'm leavin', Hurley. آپ comin' یا not?

[Hurley reluctantly follows Jack to a fork in the path]

HURLEY: Hold on, dude. It's this way.

JACK: No, we came this way.

HURLEY: Yeah, but that was a mistake. This is faster. Trust me, it's just around here. It's a short cut.

JACK: No, it's not.

RICHARD: You're both wrong.

[Jack and Hurley look up at Richard, who has just emerged from the jungle]

RICHARD: The temple's that way.

JACK: Where did آپ come from?

RICHARD: آپ wouldn't believe me if I told you.

JACK: Try me.

RICHARD: Not yet. But if آپ wanna go to the temple, it's this way.

[He walks away ... Hurley looks at Jack]

HURLEY: Dude, do آپ trust that guy?

JACK: At least he's not stalling.

[They follow Richard]

[At the beach, Ben searches Sawyer's old tent]

FRANK: When you're finished in the library, give me a hand gettin' some مزید firewood.

BEN: Just lookin' for something useful...

[Ben finds an issue of Booty Babes]

BEN: God... the things people will bring on a trip...

[Ben continues searching and finds a bottle of water from Flight 815]

BEN: Oceanic... I remember that plane breakin' in half like it was yesterday.

FRANK: آپ sound nostalgic.

BEN: Maybe I am.

FRANK: آپ know, I was supposed to be flyin' it. Oceanic 815.

BEN: And why didn't you?

FRANK: I overslept.

BEN: Come on...

FRANK: Can آپ believe it? Imagine how different my life would be had that alarm gone off.

BEN: How different would it have been? The island still got آپ in the end. Didn't it?

[Frank chuckles and walks away ... Ilana presses her رائفل into Ben's neck]

ILANA: Walk.

[She marches Ben to the graves]

BEN: Okay, wait, آپ don't have to--

ILANA: Stop! On the ground! Face down!

[Ben complies ... she ties one end of the wire she'd been gathering to a درخت and fastens the other end to Ben's leg using a primitive clamp]

BEN: What are آپ doing? Look, if this is about what Miles said--

ILANA: Pick it up!

BEN: What?

ILANA: Pick it up and start digging!

[Ben picks up a makeshift shovel]

BEN: Digging what?

ILANA: A grave.

BEN: For who?

ILANA: آپ murdered Jacob. It's for you.
ترمیم Act 3

[In the alternate timeline, Ben sits across from Alex in the library]

BEN: Now, آپ know this. I know آپ do.

ALEX: Expanded Lord Cornwallis' powers as governor general.

BEN: Very good. Now, moving on to the Charter Act of 1813. At the time of the Charter, the East India Trading Company's power extended to all of India, except for...

ALEX: Uh... I don't know!

BEN: It's okay, it's okay. It's just a test.

ALEX: Just a test? Ha... it's only my entire life, Dr. Linus.

BEN: Alex, I think you're being a bit overdramatic.

ALEX: Am I? My mom works two jobs just to pay our rent. How am I gonna pay for college? Let alone Yale? Assuming I can even get in...

BEN: You're one of the brightest students I've ever had. I don't worry about your future at all.

ALEX: Really?

BEN: Really. Now, what can I do to help? I'll write آپ a great letter of recommendation, I'll--

ALEX: No, I need someone who went there. Unfortunately, the only one I know is that pervert Principal Reynolds.

BEN: Excuse me? Pervert?

ALEX: Forget I کہا that. I was just angry.

BEN: Alex... has Principal Reynolds... done something to you?

ALEX: What? Ew! No... I swear... it's not that.

BEN: Then what is it?

ALEX: Dr. Linus, if I tell you, will آپ promise to keep it between us?

BEN: Of course, I promise.

ALEX: Okay.

[Alex moves اگلے to Ben]

ALEX: So, I was in the nurse's office a few months ago... I had a stomach ache and I just went in to find a cot and I fell asleep... when I work up, after school, in the other room Principal Reynolds was there. And the nurse... well, I guess she forgot I was in there. They were... آپ know... doing it! In the room right اگلے to me! Where they give kids hearing tests! Isn't that totally gross?

BEN: Totally.

ALEX: Dr. Linus, you're not gonna say something, are you?

BEN: No. No, a promise is a promise. Well... shall we return to the high seas?

ALEX: Yeah. Sure.

[On the beach, Ben slowly digs his grave while Ilana watches]

MILES: Not exactly tearing it up on the digging front, are you?

BEN: I'm not in a big hurry.

MILES: Brought آپ some grub. Hope آپ like green سیم, پھلی and کیلا 'cause it's all we got.

BEN: I'm not really hungry.

MILES: Suit yourself.

[Miles turns to leave]

BEN: Miles... do آپ remember once آپ asked me for 3.2 million dollars? Do آپ still want it?

MILES: What are آپ gonna do? آپ gonna write me a check on this کیلا leaf?

BEN: I can get off this island. And when I do, I have a vast network of people and resources that will get آپ that money. All آپ have to do is cut me loose.

MILES: Why would I need your money when there are a couple of jabonies under there named Nikki and Paulo who got buried alive with 8 million dollars in diamonds on سب, سب سے اوپر of them?

BEN: I can't believe you're just gonna stand سے طرف کی and watch this happen. Ilana's gonna murder me for killing Jacob, a man who didn't even care about being killed!

MILES: No, he cared.

BEN: Excuse me?

MILES: Right up until the سیکنڈ the چھری went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you. I guess he wasn't.

[Miles walks away ... Ilana fires a shot into the ground near Ben's feet]


[In the jungle, Richard leads Hurley and Jack]

HURLEY: So... you're not time-travelling?


HURLEY: But... آپ look the same as آپ did thirty years ago. How's that possible?

RICHARD: It's not easy to explain.

HURLEY: Is this, like, a Terminator thing? Are آپ a cyborg?

RICHARD: No, I'm not a cyborg.

HURLEY: Vampire?

RICHARD: Jacob gave me a gift.

JACK: Jacob? What do آپ know about him?

RICHARD: I know he's dead.

[They come upon the Black Rock]

HURLEY: I thought آپ کہا we were going to the temple, dude.

RICHARD: I lied.

JACK: Why?

RICHARD: Because everyone at the temple is dead.

JACK: What do آپ mean they're all dead? What happened?

RICHARD: I'm not sure what happened. But I just came from there, and... there's no survivors.

JACK: What about our friends? Sayid? Kate?

RICHARD: I hope they weren't there. Maybe they made it out alive. All I know is, whatever you're looking for at the temple, it's not there.

[Jack turns to Hurley]

JACK: آپ didn't want to go back there. Did آپ know about this?

HURLEY: Jacob kind of, sort of, hinted at it...

RICHARD: آپ spoke to Jacob?


RICHARD: Well, whatever he said... don't believe him.

[Richard marches towards the ship]

JACK: Where are آپ goin'?

RICHARD: There's something I need to do.

JACK: To do what?

ترمیم Act 4

[Flash sideways. Arzt is in empty classroom grading tests. Ben enters]

BEN: Can do آپ have a minute?

ARZT: Yes. I guess. Might as well give them all F's. Tell me, how hard is it to learn the difference between a genus and species ? What do آپ want

BEN: You're pretty good with computers aren't آپ ?

ARZT: Something tells me آپ wouldn't be standing here if آپ didn't already know that I was.

BEN: Could you...hypothetically...access someone's میل ای account without their knowledge ?

ARZT: I...yeah, it depends on the account.

BEN: Say a faculty account. Hypothetically

ARZT: Who's ?

BEN: Nurse Kondraki.

ARZT: Kim ? Why, آپ got the hots for her ?

BEN: No, I'm just...curious about some of her correspondence.

ARZT: With whom ? [ Ben makes an odd facial expression ]

ARZT: [Angrily] OK, that's fine. I didn't come to see you, آپ came to see me. I don't have time to play twenty questions. Now either آپ can tell me what it is you're doing, یا آپ can let me finish grading my papers in peace.

BEN: All right. I have reason to believe that she might be engaged in an inappropriate personal relationship with principal Reynolds.

ARZT: You're making a play ! You're going after the big job, aren't آپ ?

BEN: Are آپ going to help me یا not, Leslie ?

ARZT: I want a good spot. I want Lamour's spot in the main parking lot, the one اگلے to the میپل درخت - not under the میپل tree, اگلے to the میپل tree. That way I get the shaed from the میپل tree, but not all that درخت crap all over the ڈاکو, ہڈ of my car. I want aprons. I want lots of aprons, and I want lab equipment in here that was built in this decade, is that a deal ?

BEN: Deal.

ARZT: آپ know, آپ really had me fooled with that sweater vest. Linus you're a real killer !

[ cut to original timeline, Ben is still digging the grave. Cut to the Black Rock, Richard enters the ship. He stops to look at some chains. Jack enters.]

JACK: Been here before ?

RICHARD: Yes. And in all the time I've spend on this island, today is the first time I've ever come back.

HURLEY [calling from outside]: Jack ? Dude where are آپ ?

JACK: I'm in here [ Hurley enters. Richard opens the dynamite box. ]

HURLEY: Do not open that, there's dynamite in there, it's mega unstable


HURLEY: So did Dr Arzt. And I was wiping him out of my شرٹ, قمیض two days later.

HURLEY [ to Jack]: Dude it's time to go.

JACK: No, not yet.

HURLEY: He's opeing up a کریٹ, کھوکھا of dynamite, and he کہا he wanted to kill himself.

RICHARD: I can't kill myself.

HURLEY: What ?

RICHARD: even if I wanted to, trust me, I do. I can't kill myself. Which is why I want آپ to do it for me.

JACK: What are آپ talking about ?

RICHARD: What I'm talking about Jack is that...Jacob touched me, and when Jacob touches you... well it's considered a gift... except it's not a gift at all. It's a curse. [ puts down dynamite stick roughly ]

HURLEY: Dude, seriously ! Let's go now !

JACK: Why do آپ want to die ?

RICHARD: I devoted my life, longer than آپ can possibly imagine, in service of a man who told me that everything was happening for a reason, that he had a plan, plan that I was a part of, when the time was right that he'd share it with me, and now that man's gone so...why do I want to die ? Because I just found out my entire life had no purpose. Now if I light this myself it would work, but آپ can light it for me Jack. I made the fuse long enough so you'll have time to get out.

HURLEY: Jack ! Please tell me you're not actually considering this ?

JACK: If he wants to die, there's nothing we're going to do to stop him.

RICHARD: Thank you. [ Jack lights the fuse and sit's down with Richard. ]

JACK: Now, let's talk.

[ fade to black for ad break. Does this count as an Act ? It returns exactly where it left off...]

HURLEY: Jack ! Dude we gotta go, the guy's crazy, and I know crazy !

JACK: Hurley go ahead, we'll be all right.

HURLEY: Dude you're gonna blow up !

JACK: I've got to talk to him Hurley, just go.

HURLEY: No, I'm not going without you.

JACK: Hurley, I'll be fine.

HURLEY: If آپ change your mind, I'll be like a mile away. [ Hurley rushes out ]

RICHARD: آپ should go with him Jack.

JACK: No Richard, no I shouldn't.

RICHARD: You're gonna die.

JACK: Actually I don't think either one of us is gonna die.

RICHARD: What makes آپ think that ?

JACK: I just came from a lighthouse...where my name was etched in wood on a dial...I turned a mirror that somehow reflected the image of the house I grew up in. Jacob's lighthouse. He got Hurley to bring me out there because he wanted me to see what was reflected in that mirror. For some reason he wanted me to know that he had been watching me ever since I was a kid.


JACK: I have no idea why. But I'm willing to bet آپ that if Jacob went to that trouble, that brought me to this island for a reason, and it's not blow up sitting here with آپ right now.

RICHARD: That's a pretty big risk you're taking Jack.

JACK: Yes.

RICHARD: What if you're wrong ?

JACK: I'm not.

[ The fuse almost burns to the end then goes out ]

JACK: Wanna try another stick ?

RICHARD: All right Jack. آپ seem to have all the answers. Now what ?

JACK: We go back to where we started.

[ Cut to Ben digging the grave. Unseen Smokey sounds. Locke suddenly appears. ]

LOCKE: Hello Ben.

BEN: What are آپ doing here ?

LOCKE: Visiting. What are آپ doing ?

BEN: I'm digging my own grave.

LOCKE: Why ?

BEN: Because آپ talked me into killing Jacob. آپ see that woman over there eating a آم ? She's his bodyguard and she knows what I did. So now you've got what آپ wanted because she's going to kill me.

LOCKE: I don't want آپ to die Ben. In fact I went back to the statue to get you, but you'd already gone.

BEN: Get me ? For what.

LOCKE: I'm gathering a group to leave this place for good. But once we're gone, someone's going to need to be in charge of the island.

BEN: Me ?

LOCKE: I can't think of a better man for the job.

BEN: Well it doesn't seem very likely does it, under the circumstances. How am I going to get away from...

[Locke interrupts him سے طرف کی apparently releasing Ben's leg restraint telekinetically ]

LOCKE: Come to the other island, to the Hydra station. That's where we'll be.

BEN: She'll come after me.

LOCKE: 200 yars inland there's a درخت in a clearing with a رائفل leaning up against it. If آپ go now you'll get there first, and you'll have the drop on her. But don't hesitate - she won't. See آپ soon, Ben.

[ Ben makes a run for it into the jungle. Ilana rushes after him]

ILANA: ارے !

[ Cut to flash-sideways, at the school. Ben knocks on the Principal's office]

REYNOLDS: Come in. [ Ben does ]. Linus, I don't have time to listen to آپ complain about detention.

BEN: That's not why I'm here, I want آپ to read something.
No, this is not پرستار fiction. I was recently asked if Lost would find a whole new fan-base in light of a a heavily promoted re-run currently دکھانا on G4. The سوال seemed easy enough. It's a simple yes یا no answer, right? Well, not quite.
As with everything to do with Lost, there are no simple جوابات - and most جوابات simply lead to مزید سوالات anyway. I've been in the TV / Media industry long enough to know how cyclical these things are. The fact it's on G4 means it's being exposed to a new younger (mostly male) audience.

But Lost - سے طرف کی its nature - has a couple of very major roadblocks...
continue reading...
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What if LOST was a horror movie and Locke was at the center of all evil?
I know that the whole episode is on the spot but this is a really special scene of Lost, I think.
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