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 Season five, here we come!
Season five, here we come!
All right, so after watching "Jughead", I realize that we Lost شائقین have a lot to talk about!

(If آپ haven't seen "Because آپ Left, "The Lie" یا "Jughead" yet, then please stop reading so I don't spoil it for you!)

All right, so I'm about to go on a Lost-rant? Ready? *Deep breath* Here we go:

This theory has been floating around for a while, so I thought I'd bring it to Fanpop and see what آپ guys thought: Sawyer stepped on that piece of bamboo (or whatever it was) in "The Lie". It was pretty big and dug into his foot pretty deep. People have speculated that because of this, Sawyer ends up...
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