yeah...its as آپ saw in the title,my other Maki centered fic will have to wait for a bit since it is Eri's Birthday today,i figured i should do something for the i did what i am slightly good at,and that is to write stories,particularly a oneshot,since i realized that i am somewhat cut out for this than a series...if آپ know me long enough,you'd know that i have tried and failed at series types of yeah,enough of this,lets just start.
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Eri P.O.V.

It was just a normal دن of practice for Muse,stretching and then practicing the newest steps for the اگلے Live...and as usual,I was the one leading the choreography,though Umi sometimes takes over so that i could participate in practicing myself. It always ends up in us getting exhausted,but in the end it always pays off as our Lives become a success...but of course,we need to have breaks so that our bodies wont be numb and for us to not end up being sick like that time with our performance of "No Brand"...Honoka really got us worried there,and so we try our best not to let that happen again.

"Alright,girls! that's enough,let's take a break" Umi said,grabbing her water bottle while me and the others followed,getting our own water bottles and taking a نشست under the shade of the only structure standing on the roof.

Soon after that,conversation started,going on from the new Costumes,to the اگلے Live and currently,the Music.

"Ooh! we should practice on singing the new song Maki-chan made later in the موسیقی Room!" Honoka suggested

"E-eh?...though it still needs a few مزید tweaks here and there..." Maki replied

"Its okay,Maki...we'll help آپ finish it" I said,smiling at her as she twirled a lock of her hair "Besides,i think we're doing quite well on the steps,so it should be no problem to switch to the music."

"Yeah! we're doing great at the choreography thanks to Umi-chan and Eri-chan!" Kotori کہا with her signature smile

Umi blushed then waved her hands in front of her "N-not really me...its actually thanks to Eri and her talent for Ballet that got us to improve on the choreography..."

" could have just pursued being a Ballet dancer rather than being an idol..." Hanayo کہا softly with a tiny hint of sadness

"E-eh...but..." i tried to come up with an answer,scratching my cheek...


...just then,the School گھنٹی, بیل rang,signalling the end of Noon Break.

"Oh! Classes are about to start! lets go get changed,Maki-chan! Kayo-chin!" Rin exclaimed,grabbing her two fellow first years then ran down,dragging the two,to get changed

"Yeah,lets go change" Umi کہا simply walking while the other two followed

"Lets get going...Eri-chi,Nico-chi" Nozomi said,grabbing her bag as i nodded,then followed suit.
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Going back to being a ballet dancer...?

I thought again as i fumbled with my notes in History class...

Ballet...huh...that goes way back...
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Ballet...i started doing it when i was very young,about 5 years old,i think and Arisa was just a سال old. Although that style of dance was actually a legacy of my family,i would have gotten into it anyway,seeing my mother dance in front of me,on a stage of grandeur as countless people watched intently,it was truly a mesmerizing sight and it amazed me to no end how she could dance so gracefully...and so it was then on that i started this dream of mine,to someday dance on a stage of sparkling lights,a sea of people watching and appreciating every step that i did,every leap that i take and every spin that i do...and the fact that my Grandmother also had that occupation fueled my desire even more...i wanted to make them proud of me. seems that fate was not on my side...I've had plenty of screw-ups in my years of dancing ballet...or at least,trying to. I trained and trained so hard everyday,practicing with mother,but even so,i barely passed the elimination for that Young childrens' Ballet Competition back in Russia...i was just not good enough...but that didn't stop me from trying,i was at the very bottom of the line but at least i was still there,i might still have a chance for this,and so i worked harder,struggled to keep that grace...but in the end,it backfired,overexerting myself did bad for me as it made it harder to move...for the average person,it might seem alright but for the professionals...well,they could see everything.

I knew from that point on that i didn't have a chance,but even so...i cried and i cried the moment they announced the was really...really heartbreaking,my dream...broken into a million tiny little pieces. Mother and grandmother comforted me that night,tried to ease the pain سے طرف کی giving me hugs and kisses,telling me that everything was alright...but there was one thing i remembered through that fog of sadness and that was when grandmother leaned down,looked at me in the eye and said...

"Everything that happens around us,has a reason...and what happened in that competition was no exception."

She کہا simply,afterwards she smiled at me and gave me a bar of the chocolate i loved so much...of course my young mind still didn't accept that thought at that time,and just thought that life wasn't fair...and so that lead to me quitting Ballet and just settled on trying to save the school-Otonokizaka Academy-the place where Grandmother went to,from closing when i was enrolled there,going back to Japan...i guess that lead me to be the serious and strict Student Council President i was known for...

"Eri? are آپ listening? You're supposed to sing on this part of the song" Maki کہا pointing to a stanza on the sheet of the lyrics Umi made...oh yeah...classes were over a while ago,and i managed to focus thanks to Nozomi snapping me out of it when i was too far gone in my now we were in the موسیقی Room with Maki in front of the piano and the rest of Muse sitting on some seats nearby.

"Oh,okay" i کہا simply,looking over the lyrics again then giving my junior a smile for confirmation...then Maki started replaying the tune again,each of us singing our parts...looking at all this i came to a realization...what Grandmother کہا was actually true…and now i understand what she means...if i somehow won that competition,i might really have had continued being a ballet dancer,and with that,i might have not joined Muse and met all these great girls,might have not practiced with them on the rooftop and set Training Camps,might have not laughed with them and face each obstacle we come across...and might have not been able to dance and sing with them on this never ending stage...

"Waaahhh! That was a great song Maki-chan!" Honoka exclaimed

"Thanks...b-but آپ should give credit to Umi too since she's the one who did the lyrics" Maki said

"...wait...this scene seems familiar nya…oh yeah! This was kinda like what we were talking about before at the rooftop nya~!" Rin کہا with her usual 'nya'

"Yeah...i think we were talking about if Eri would have rather became a Ballet dancer than an idol...or something like that" Niko,the Idol Research Club President said

"Well...?" Maki started,looking at me like the others

"Well..." I smiled at them "Of course i would have chosen to be idol! I love آپ girls and i love being in Muse with the rest of you!"

Nozomi smiled knowingly at me,then followed سے طرف کی the others,each of them having a smile on their face...then Umi spoke up

"Alright then,lets go for another round!" she declared,then we answered with 'yeah's as Maki once more,started playing the tune to our new song...i smiled again

'Everything does have a Reason...and i don't regret anything that happened.'

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Well...? What did آپ think? This should have been a birthday fic? Well...nah,im not the type to go with that unless i have a plan for it...i mean,since i AM a Feature Writer,its stamped inti our minds to NOT do the common...and since that thought can also be applied in fanfics,grabbing the attention of the reader and all,i did something about Eri's past about yeah,also since some part of it kinda relate to me in real life,it was a bit easy to do...yup,i meant that thing about the competition...anyways,see ya on the اگلے one and once again...Happy Birthday Eri! :D