Love Live School Idol Project and K-on! crossover

It was a normal دن in the Idol Research clubroom,also the last دن before Summer starts. Muse was discussing on their new song for Nico,Hanayo and Rin,they have been doing preparations for the melody,lyrics,costumes,music video and all that. They have named it "After School Navigators",and they were really excited to release it because it was the first song they'd have with instrumentals of other musical instruments other than the piano and synthesizers,also because Summer break was coming,they would have مزید opportunities for MV settings.

Although they were giddy to mix and match their style a bit,they were were still a bit nervous on how the شائقین will take it...but after the encouragement of their resident optimist and group leader,Honoka,they decided to give it a try. Now,of course they hadn't thought about this before,they just tried to gain شائقین using their own style of things but after a certain blonde haired senior re-evaluated their rise of شائقین after their Live at Akihabara,she figured that a bit of change might also be beneficial to the group's popularity,it's good to have diversity after all. It was now a matter of where یا whom they would ask this of...but luckily Nozomi had it figured out,saying that she knew of a cute band of girls in their school who gained a bit of popularity with their black haired member last year; The Light موسیقی club.

So they decided to meet up with them to ask for their favor...and they accepted,especially their advisor Yamanaka sensei,she even offered for her to help with the costumes and filming,so all was well,Muse was just discussing on doing recordings for now until a knock sounded from their club room. They opened it to see a certain twin-tailed first سال from the band,Hokago چائے Time,fidgeting nervously.

"U-uhhhmm...i was sent here سے طرف کی my senpais to tell آپ that we wont be recording earlier-"

"What?!" Nico stood up from her chair,slamming her hands on the ڈیسک "Why not?!"

Azusa flinched "Uh-well-you see...arg...senpais!!"

A sudden thump was heard,and then a pile of girls scrambled up from their position in front of the opened door. The two brunettes laughed sheepishly while the blond and the black haired girl just sweat-dropped as they stood up properly and let themselves in. Azusa pouted momentarily as they did so,as she was initially forced to break the news to Muse in the first place.

Nozomi spoke "So,why is it that آپ can't do your recordings with us sooner? Is there a problem with our arrangement?"

"Uh no,of course not!" the black haired girl,Mio,waved her hands in front of her in denial.

Eri raised her brow in سوال "Then...what is it then?"

Hokago چائے Time looked at their leader,the girl in سوال walked آگے muttering 'traitors...' "Well,you remember when we told آپ that we would help آپ since we had nothing to do yet? Uh,it turns out we do have some stuff to do and all that...heheh..." Ritsu scratched her head

"-and what would that be?" Maki crossed her arms

"You see...we're actually scheduled to go to the Summer Rock Festival this weekend." Mugi finished "We're sorry,the recording had to be delayed...It's actually our first one together so we figured to take the chance,plus Sawako sensei already had tickets."

Umi put her hand on her chin as she pondered "Okay...that's understandable,maybe we could just start recording after آپ get back?"

"But we were so exciteeeeeeed...."Rin whined as she flopped her head on the table."

"Mmmmm..." the rest of the girls looked really down,the complete opposite of what they were منٹ ago. Hokago چائے Time also felt equally guilty but it's not like they could do anything with that.

"Hmmm..." Honoka was actually thinking about this "ah! Where's the venue for the Rock Festival?"

"Somewhere inside the mountain..." Azusa answered,then she told them the exact location after thinking for a bit.

"What's this about,Honoka?" Umi questioned,looking at her best friend from where she was seated.

"Okay, about we have a training camp?"

To be Continued...