What should I think یا do? Am I just getting played یا am I overthinking everything??

Okay so there is this guy I've been talking to for 6 months now and I'm just so confused. We have talked ever since I met him, there hasn't been a دن that we haven't talked. I stupidly had sex with him the first time we hung out and I didn't think that matter until now cause he use to hang with me quite a bit and say sweet things to me but then out of the blue we started hanging out less and less and I was the only one putting effort in. He would tell me that I'm overreacting and that he is just busy so I quit bothering him about it and things started going good until I went on vacation. While I was away he told me how he missed me and couldn't wait to spend time with me and took screenshots of me and told me how I was cute and missed me but then when I got back he didn't even want to see me. He kept making excuses but I didn't let it get to me cause he کہا we would see each other that weekend. So when the weekend rolled around I woke up to a text saying that I'm his best friend and that he found someone new to talk too that he was interested in. I was crushed and I told him how I felt and he just کہا he just wanted to be دوستوں but still hang out and talk cause he didn't want to lose me. So I کہا whatever got over it and still idiotically still talk to him.. Anyways one night I was having a problem to the point I was crying and he was there to help me and he told me to come over to cuddle and talk so I did. I tried keeping my distance but then some how it lead to us having sex and we cuddle and hung out a little after that and then I went home. The اگلے دن I didn't want to ask him about it cause I knew it meant nothing but I had hope that maybe it did so the دن went on and I was hoping he would ask me to hang out but towards the end of the دن my text me a pic of the guy in talking to with another girl. So I finally asked him what that was about he کہا that he didn't mean for us to have sex. So I asked him that fine but why am I around if he has another girl
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kicksomebut23 said:
Being دوستوں with benefits is not a good idea...NEVER. If آپ love that guy truly, both of آپ should go out with each other.

Of course the guy is using آپ for sex, but the reason why he is doing it because he does not want to hurt you,let آپ go, and stop being with you.

آپ should walk away from him because he cannot make up his mind to be with آپ یا with another girl.

Never decide to be دوستوں with benefits because It seems like this ماہ یا later he is already with another girl and this will cause آپ to become angry.

find true love with another guy.

Because he will hurt آپ مزید with his poor idea. He cannot find who he truly loves so that is why آپ should allow him to get time
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posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک 
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