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This Love تصویر might contain بکنی, دو ٹکڑا swimsuit, غسل سوٹ, دو سومساٹ, غسل سوٹ ٹکڑے, فاؤنٹین, and چشمہ.

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Just forget about my bro.He keeps poking his nose into my business all the time.His name is Josh.I always get a sound scolding because of him.Let's just cut the topic.

I go to Beverly Hills middle school.You know what,I love my school as school is the only place where I enjoy a lot,Hang out with my friends,make jokes on teachers and just have lots of fun.I hated holidays as I missed school.

I met my BFF Jessica.Nobody called her Jessica.Everyone called her Jessie.I called her Jess.She was the most مقبول girl in the school.No,she was not a very brilliant student,orator یا singer.She was popular...
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What do آپ see when آپ look into my eyes? Do آپ see the emptiness
یا آپ see remorse?
Could آپ ever be able to feel the depth i’ve been hiding from you,
so آپ couldn’t laugh,so آپ couldn’t laugh...
What do آپ do behind my backs,out of my sight,
what do آپ hide,are آپ a coward?
And i’m still here but آپ don’t own me,you can’t have me
the way آپ want,you can’t,just see it in my eyes.
I froze my heart,so آپ can’t hurt what is dead for a while,
but آپ don’t know that,don’t you?
آپ think i’ll be so happy seeing آپ again,oh آپ think
آپ could make this right,but your touch tears my heart.
I don’t want this,so be gone,i’ll choose the best lies for you
so آپ could believe it,oh آپ will believe it,finally,you’ll be gone,
far away from my sight,far away from my heart.
But i wander,sometimes,does it hurts when you’re all alone,
covered with the emptiness,tortured سے طرف کی the thoughts...
Oh آپ left me there before...
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