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posted by xroylex
i was 10 when i met kyle as soon as i looked into his eyes i felt something it was weird and i didnt know what the feeling was and the مزید time we spent together the مزید i felt that way when i hit the age of 12 him and me shared our first kiss it was like nothing i had ever felt before it was amazing. we stayed together for 4 years and on the 4th anerversary my world fell apart

i was on my way round to see him walking across the سٹریٹ, گلی and i couldnt see any cars so i thought it was محفوظ to پار, صلیب

heya i needed some one to tell so today is mine and kyles anerversary and it would of been our...
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This can be a really hard سوال to ask your parents. How can it be that their little girl is so grown up that she wants to have a boyfriend? They just can't comprehend it.

When آپ like a guy and he likes آپ it is normal that آپ two go on a date. So, should آپ ask your parents before going on the date?

The best thing to do is tell them, یا ask them. If آپ don't and they find out, they may get mad and then punish آپ and forbid آپ from seeing your crush.

And what if they won't let me go out with him? Well then remain calm. Whatever آپ do don't start throwing a fit and acting crazed. If...
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posted by reneemonique
I stand infront of the mirror,
Is that really me?
Am I realy that hideous?
I realy wonder what people see in me.

I walk back and forth,
My eyes tracing up and down,
It makes me want to throw up at the sight.

Does he loves me, he realy does.
But i cant see why?
I سوئنگ, جھول my wrist at the mirror,
I watch the tiny pieces of glass floating down the ground,
The reflection is long gone.

The horrors still fixed in my mind.
Those horroible baby blue eyes staring back at me,
The anger rises, I can see them still,
Still shining, glisting through the shreds of glass.
On the floor.
It kill me to see.

My eyes glisten with...
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posted by xroylex
we all need love we all need that person that makes us smile, laugh, blush. but at the same time we dont need the دل break that comes with it. tey can make us sad, angry, and alone.

you meet that person and آپ think sure im in love with them. but are آپ really? یا do آپ just love the idea of ebin in love?

what is love? is it holding hand?
taking midnight walks?
being with each other ?

should love be this complicated?

we all had that someone we tought we loved right?

what happens when they leave? آپ trust them in everyway آپ let them in just to have your insides ripped out....
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posted by IsabellaAzuria
Your princess of yesterday

You let me go
Without any tear
Didn't آپ know
I needed آپ here?

I'm your princess of yesterday
Why did آپ have to go?
For someone else آپ ran away
when I needed آپ so.

Thank آپ
is what آپ کہا
You really do?
After all that we had?

I'm your princess of yesterday
Why did آپ have to go?
For someone else آپ ran away
when I needed آپ so.

How can آپ thank me
for letting آپ go
Do آپ think it was easy
after all آپ did was just a show?

I'm your princess of yesterday
Why did آپ have to go?
For someone else آپ ran away
when I needed آپ so.

Who will ever love...
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posted by kwnstantina13
whats the meaning of love when آپ end up hearbroken?

when i saw آپ kissing her my دل stopped and my eyes filled with tears i felt like my world was nothing anymore without you

when آپ saw me آپ just stared looked down and walk away.and i just stay there hoping that everything was a dream a nightmare.i closed my eyes and when i opened them i realised that it was true آپ left me.

now آپ dont talk to me anymore آپ just stare at me with those green eyes and i feel my دل be eradicated

آپ shouldnt have کہا i love آپ آپ shouldnt broke آپ shouldnt make me sad آپ shouldnt make me cry.

ALL i asked for was LOVE and it was definatelly not what i expected from آپ ....
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