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You’re the last thought
Swarming to stutter to a
Stop in my shattered skull
Before I fall to sleep.

Find me in your hands
Perfect ash sifting with
Bright laughter to lift
Your pale spirit.

And I swear, if آپ leave
There won’t be any honest
Angels left to be دیا the
عنوان of trusting lust again.

Do not scream, do not
Stare at the bloodied
Bandages that saved us
From losing our cocoons
And cracking into two.

Daemon angel, sugar kisses
Tearing tears from anxious eyes,
آپ are a چینی مٹی کے برتن piece
That ripples to my spine,
آپ are Love.
posted by AlOoOosh
I don’t love you….
But I want to be with you…
I admire you..
I don’t love you..
I only want to stay with you…
I want to follow you..
To hell ……to heaven ….as long as I am with you..
About the whole world I don’t care…
As long as I am with you..
I don’t love you..
But I am always thinking of you..
I am not worried about you..
I am worried about my future ….about my life..about my whole world…without you………
I don’t love you..
But I loved dreaming with you…
I don’t love you..
but I am محفوظ with آپ …
And I want to hold you
I don’t love you…
So… آپ love me?
I don’t hate آپ …
But please tell me..
Who am I?
And who are you???
posted by TeamSongz4eva
** just a small note this isnt really mine i got it from a book that was immensely interesting i wanted to share some things with you**

Ok sometimes i think the hardest thing when it comes to breaking up is HOW AND WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO SAY .....sooooo imma help آپ girls.. سے طرف کی telling آپ WHAT NOT TO SAY:D

THIS book is called " Mates, Dates Guide To Life, Love and Lokking Luscious"

*do it سے طرف کی text message, e-mail, phone یا letter
*Get a Friend to do it for آپ (bummer)
*Just stand him up( wouldnt آپ hate that if he did it to you??)

by the way some guy کہا i shoud include these...
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posted by AnonymousXXX
I hope آپ like it! Btw آپ know how فلمیں have theme songs? Well if I could pick two they would be...
Coldplay's Lost
The Fray's Enough For Now
You may play them throughout the story as it goes on to many مزید chapters.

3 Months later… I will not face anything.

The last دن of school and junior سال was pure torture. Summer I could only hope being better but everything is just a blur. The only thing that sticks out now is riding my horses and the hillside.
“Hey there buddy want to go for a ride?” I spoke in a soothing voice to my horse. Billy nickered to me softly.
“Yea… Alright...
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I'm an amateur poet, and I just wrote this last week. Tell me what آپ think. :) Gracious!

An unspoken promise passed through our eyes.
A message so true, and undisguised.
Your arms fit perfectly around my waist, and I inhaled your breath's sweet taste.
My head fit just right in the crook of آپ neck, and my thoughts were a rather crazy wreck.
I tilted my face to look at yours, greatly anticipating what was in store.
I puckered my lips just like I was taught,
and آپ bent your head down before we were caught.
Fireworks exploded at the touch of our lips, indeed it was a very magical first kiss. ^-^
posted by emo_grl_4eva
Even in the worst of storms i’ll see your face that always keeps me warm
I’ll never be alone
Remember when we first me? I do
That was when i knew you’d be the one to keep me محفوظ from harm

If i had to live my life without آپ i’d die this second
But now your here i’ll live forever
Life without آپ it’d be hard i know, but would I be smiling like I am today?
And I will wait for the دن when آپ come and take me سے طرف کی the hand

When the دن comes when my دل will never leave your hands
Because from then on آپ will always have the key to the lock
My دل is forever yours
No man یا god shall ever tear us apart, a promise that’ll last forever

The roots of my love runs deep for آپ like the roots of a درخت for mother nature
Are yours as deep?
The دن when we meet, our roots shall intertwine for eternity
Always together, never leaving, never dieing
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i promised myself
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