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 Me and Nessie. Two bodies, one soul *-*
Me and Nessie. Two bodies, one soul *-*

آپ brightened up my life and gave color to my black & white world. I have to thank آپ for all the love آپ give to me and all the trust آپ have on me, for being so understanding and sweet. آپ are so beautiful in every way, truely an angel. It's not possible to describe in words how much آپ mean to me, I love آپ too much. آپ are my life and I'm gonna live you. We are as one, one soul divided in two bodies, sharing the pain and the happiness together, the good and the bad moments. Always remember how much I care for you. I want آپ to be happy, very happy, so آپ can always count on me for everything, I'll always be there for you, I promise. آپ are the one Nessie, it's with آپ that I wanna spend the rest of my life. Forever, آپ and me together, that's what I wish from the depths of my heart, and I hope آپ feel the same way.

Love آپ and live آپ Nessie, so very much! *-*

Mário Silva
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