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 Mario Baseball
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An Official Mario Baseball wallpaper, featuring Luigi
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Luigi looked around the room. Back and forth—twice, thrice and deliberately.
But it was still the same—King Boo was nowhere to be found.
“Come out, آپ hell of a con artist!” Luigi seethed as he looked around. He felt ridiculous with the fact that the lack of response made him feel as if he were talking to himself, but it couldn’t be helped—King Boo was a total no-show at the moment.
“Now you’re going to chicken out of this fight, King Boo?” Yoshi کہا among the walls, pretty sure that even though he’d likely get no response at all, there was no doubt King Boo was listening...
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“Huh?” Luigi frowned while flashing the lights on some approaching ghosts. “I think آپ put it down when آپ were mumbling all that giving up mumbo-jumbo.”
“I didn’t throw it, did I?” Yoshi asked desperately.
“Not that I remember. The only thing I saw—despite the fact it was pitch black, though when those تصاویر were flashed it seemed to lighten up the room a bit—was that آپ took it off and put it down. After that, I can’t recall if آپ ever did anything else to it.”
“Looking for this?” King Boo laughed. The two looked up to see Yoshi’s Poltergust floating away...
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“I’m sure the professor gave آپ the same upgrade, right?” Luigi said, then wondered if Professor E. Gadd really had.
“I...don’t really know,” Yoshi admitted.
“Well, we can’t just stand here speculating away—we need to bust a-more of these green fiends!”
Yoshi nodded and, just like what Luigi’d done سیکنڈ ago, he began fiddling around with the controls; he started messing around with buttons he hadn’t tried yet.
“Let’s see...,” Yoshi mumbled to himself, “I wonder what this button can do...?”
As Yoshi clicked it, the very same light that had just emitted from...
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“By the way, Luigi,” Yoshi asked after a while since they’d entered a creepy-looking guest room, “before I came and helped آپ out with this whole ghost-busting thing, what was it like? آپ know, being alone and all that?”
“Uh...” Luigi seemed reluctant to answer. “W-ell, I’d say if آپ weren’t here, it would’ve been twice as hard as it just might a-be right now.”
“I don’t suppose آپ fell for a couple of ghostly stuff مزید than twice when آپ busted the ghosts solo?” Yoshi teased.
Luigi gave the green dinosaur a dirty look. “Very funny, Yoshi—very funny.”...
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Luigi, holding on to the nozzle, opened the mansion's door; it creaked noisily yet creepily.
"Anyone here?" Luigi asked, knowing it was a stupid question; there was either anyone here, یا no one here at all—at least, not anyone solid around the mansion.
To answer his question, there was echoed laughter among the cobwebbed hallways.
"Uh, yeah...," Luigi mumbled.
The two went in; the door shut—well, slammed was the better word for it—behind them, leaving a huge بادل of dust in its wake.
"Very welcoming," Yoshi commented.
The dup practically tiptoed along the predictably and seemingly empty hallway,...
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"So, let's a-have a quick rundown on what I taught you, Yoshi," Luigi said, his voice sounding somehow strained due to the straight hours of endless ghost-busting lecturing.
Yoshi grinned. "Okay, آپ ask, I'll answer."
"Gather up your ghost-busting weapon."
Yoshi took the twigs and leaves he'd gotten together to make the dud weapon. "Got it."
"Where's the flashlight?"
"Right where the nozzle is."
"A-what about the vacuum?"
"Let's see...Oh yeah, also where the nozzle is."
"How do آپ activate between the flashlight and the vacuum?"
"Easy—you flick the switch to the right"—Yoshi gestured to the side...
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Luigi and Yoshi arrived in front of the über-famous Luigi's Mansion. It was exactly the same as it was during those past few games where Luigi'd gone ghost-hunting: it was still scary, still clearly دکھانا signs of abandonment, and it still was infested with Boos, spooks, and all sorts of ghosts.
Luigi shivered.
"What's wrong, pal?" Yoshi asked. "Haven't آپ gotten used to all this?"
"Probably still not," he replied in a barely audible voice.
"Come on—you've got an upcoming game soon. What was it called again? Oh yeah—Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And I heard your handy Polter-something's getting...
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"Well, um...," Luigi fidgeted, "something like a-that might take a lot of explaining to do..."
"Don't worry," Yoshi insisted. "I can handle the long explanation. Besides, it's not like Lakithunder will somehow emerge from the ashes and come back for us, right?"
Luigi gave Yoshi a look that clearly responded to the possibility of Lakithunder rising from the ashes like a phoenix.
Yoshi made a gesture with his fingers that prompted Luigi to explain.
"I'm listening, Luigi."
"A-well, um, آپ see..." Luigi took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. "When we were back-to-back, all tensed up for Lakithunder's...
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Luigi and Yoshi tensed themselves, sure that Lakithunder would conjure another string of lightning any moment now.
"Give it your best shot," Luigi seethed.
In response to Luigi's words, Lakithunder directed a مزید lethal string of lightning toward the thin Mario Brother, which, somehow مزید agilely than from his گزشتہ quests, Luigi managed to dodge. He practically back-flipped out of the way.
"I can a-dodge with class," Luigi bragged.
Yoshi widened his eyes. "Whoa, who knew Luigi had the skills?" he whispered under his breath.
"Who's talking to you?" Lakithunder roared at Yoshi; it was easy to...
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Not wasting any time, Lakithunder zapped a mean string of lightning at the two, in which they jumped out of the way to avoid.
"But, how—when—why—?" Luigi seemed at loss for words, shocked at how something so nice would end up so wrong the moment he'd attempt to bite the Hero's Sandwich.
"What are آپ saying?" Yoshi asked, his words just as rushed as his attempt to run as far from Lakithunder as possible.
"How did آپ دکھائیں up in my fantasy?!"
"It's a bit of a long story—when we got zapped, we both fell unconscious. I woke up in Toad Town, or...I thought it was. The whole thing seemed real—"...
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luigi's mansion
Luigi stopped cold at the voice—it was Yoshi's voice, and it sounded like it came somewhere behind the multitude of expectant Toads. But that wasn't really what made Luigi stop.
Because how could he have heard Yoshi's voice behind the Toads when he was just directly to his left?!
Luigi strained to follow where he'd heard the voice, and found Yoshi behind the Toads.
"I—I—" Luigi's head spun, confused; bewildered. "A-why are there two Yoshis?!"
He looked at the Yoshi who was directly to his left, who looked just as shocked as he was, and he had the black hump on his back that the green plumber...
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Luigi and Yoshi finally arrived on their سیکنڈ destination: World Seven.
"Okay, okay," Luigi'd کہا reluctantly, "that warp میں تپ, تپ wasn't so bad." He'd کہا that just سیکنڈ after they began to incline downward from being shot out of the World Seven warp cannon, and منٹ before landing on a mound of soft بادل fluff.
Yoshi landed on his back to the clouds. "I guess we're just lucky we got ourselves a place to make a soft landing, huh?"
"You know we got lucky on this one."
Yoshi stood up and looked around. True to the riddle's words, they were now surrounded with clouds; all the green from...
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Luigi and Yoshi were still exulted, as with Birdo who was still acting all cheery from their victory.
Apparently, it didn't last long….
Something glimmered from the corner of Luigi's eye. It came from the exact same spot where the twenty-eighth key-pattern eye had been, the last eye, the eye that looked the worst among the rest of the key-eyes the trio had destroyed.
"A-what was that…?" Luigi asked, focusing his gaze on the glimmer he'd caught just now.
He stood up and went to the spot where the last key-eye was, and eventually he discovered where the glimmer had come from—it came from a...
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"How are we a-gonna beat up this whole forest mass? Seriously, we need a game plan," Luigi said, all while dodging and punching the eyeballs that kept coming and going.
"I think I got a few things figured out about what we're facing," Yoshi کہا as he threw another egg at an approaching eyeball. "This guy sees everywhere—obviously since he's got lots of eyes scattered all over the place. Another one is that whenever an eyeball pops out of its socket"—he gestured to another eyeball that popped out of its socket, as if right on cue, and sprouted wings so it could fly close to Birdo, which,...
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Both Yoshi and Birdo looked at the soil-coated figure that grabbed the screaming Luigi.
"Help me!" the plumber screamed at the سب, سب سے اوپر of his lungs.
"Oh, no!" Yoshi gasped. "That...soil-thing creature got Luigi!"
"What is that creature, anyway?!" Birdo asked.
"I have no idea."
"I don't suppose you've seen a glimpse of it somewhere in your adventures with Mario?"
"Nope, only now—I haven't seen that thing around Yoshi's Island either."
Luigi cleared his throat. "A-look, you—if آپ two are gonna talk and talk like that, then sure as heck I'll be a-dinner سے طرف کی now!"
"Birdo," Yoshi کہا to his گلابی dinosaur...
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Luigi was still persistently leading the way—partially because he knew that if he led the way, he'd have zero-to-none chance of accidentally looking back and seeing Birdo even for just a glimpse.
Behind him, Birdo and Yoshi were following the green plumber quietly, with a grimace on both their faces.
"Looks like this won't be much of an easy thing to do," Yoshi commented.
"What's not easy—finding the clue that just might be here in Yoshi's Island?" Birdo asked.
"No, not that—it's having Luigi reconsider his old thoughts about you," the green dinosaur sighed.
Birdo sighed, too. "You didn't...
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Before anyone could even know it, the duo finally arrived in Yoshi's Island. It emerged from being a mere speckle among the waters to a mass of trees, mountains, and nature (which added مزید solid evidence to Luigi's theory).
As soon as the ship they were riding blew out its horn to depict the fact it was about to dock, Yoshi sighed with relief—as much as it made him happy being with Mario and the gang, there's no place like home.
"Luigi, we're almost there!" Yoshi called.
But Luigi didn't hear a thing Yoshi said—his face was buried in a waste basket; he was making moaning noises in it....
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Luigi gulped. "When it comes to capturing Mario, it sure is serious!"
The Hammer Bro pulled out the same shell-shaped transceiver he'd used when he captured Mario and held it out to Bowser, in which he grabbed it.
"Hey, pilots," Bowser کہا into the transceiver, "we're just about done here—get the Koopa Kruiser here, on the double...or ELSE!"
Luigi and Yoshi blinked. Then Luigi whispered to Yoshi, "With all those Koopas he's gonna need مزید than just one Koopa Kruiser."
Yoshi looked at Luigi. "What do آپ think?"
The plumber rolled up the sleeves of his شرٹ, قمیض and said, "Let's a-go!"
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