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 Mario Baseball
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Source: Nintendo
An Official Mario Baseball wallpaper, featuring Luigi
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mario baseball
Both Yoshi and Birdo looked at the soil-coated figure that grabbed the screaming Luigi.
"Help me!" the plumber screamed at the سب, سب سے اوپر of his lungs.
"Oh, no!" Yoshi gasped. "That...soil-thing creature got Luigi!"
"What is that creature, anyway?!" Birdo asked.
"I have no idea."
"I don't suppose you've seen a glimpse of it somewhere in your adventures with Mario?"
"Nope, only now—I haven't seen that thing around Yoshi's Island either."
Luigi cleared his throat. "A-look, you—if آپ two are gonna talk and talk like that, then sure as heck I'll be a-dinner سے طرف کی now!"
"Birdo," Yoshi کہا to his گلابی dinosaur...
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Luigi was still persistently leading the way—partially because he knew that if he led the way, he'd have zero-to-none chance of accidentally looking back and seeing Birdo even for just a glimpse.
Behind him, Birdo and Yoshi were following the green plumber quietly, with a grimace on both their faces.
"Looks like this won't be much of an easy thing to do," Yoshi commented.
"What's not easy—finding the clue that just might be here in Yoshi's Island?" Birdo asked.
"No, not that—it's having Luigi reconsider his old thoughts about you," the green dinosaur sighed.
Birdo sighed, too. "You didn't...
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Before anyone could even know it, the duo finally arrived in Yoshi's Island. It emerged from being a mere speckle among the waters to a mass of trees, mountains, and nature (which added مزید solid evidence to Luigi's theory).
As soon as the ship they were riding blew out its horn to depict the fact it was about to dock, Yoshi sighed with relief—as much as it made him happy being with Mario and the gang, there's no place like home.
"Luigi, we're almost there!" Yoshi called.
But Luigi didn't hear a thing Yoshi said—his face was buried in a waste basket; he was making moaning noises in it....
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Luigi gulped. "When it comes to capturing Mario, it sure is serious!"
The Hammer Bro pulled out the same shell-shaped transceiver he'd used when he captured Mario and held it out to Bowser, in which he grabbed it.
"Hey, pilots," Bowser کہا into the transceiver, "we're just about done here—get the Koopa Kruiser here, on the double...or ELSE!"
Luigi and Yoshi blinked. Then Luigi whispered to Yoshi, "With all those Koopas he's gonna need مزید than just one Koopa Kruiser."
Yoshi looked at Luigi. "What do آپ think?"
The plumber rolled up the sleeves of his شرٹ, قمیض and said, "Let's a-go!"
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Luigi and Yoshi were hidden inside the branches and leaves of one of the trees among آڑو Garden. It was a perfect spot for confidential talks; while the one inside could hear sounds from the outside, people outside could hardly ever hear what would be going on from the inside—that is, unless they would think of going near, in which they wouldn't even dream of doing. After all, why waste time listening closely to the sounds within a tree?
"Okay, Yoshi, tell me again why we're here, hidden in the treetop?" Luigi asked Yoshi critically.
"Because treetops are perfect for pep talks," Yoshi explained....
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In the Koopa Kingdom:
"My king," one of the Hammer Bros. addressed their ruler, "it would appear Mario managed to prevail against our forces."
Bowser laughed evilly. "All part of the ploy, my fool. I'd counted on that goody-two-shoes Mario to win, and so he did. Now, it's time for Phase Two of the whole plan."
The Hammer Bro looked up, looking thoroughly confused. "My...king...?"
Bowser breathed آگ کے, آگ at the place where the Koopa soldier stood, causing the Hammer soldier to jerk away. "You ignorant buffoon. The whole point of us losing was to make that کیکڑے, جھینگا think he'd won over us—which,...
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"Thank آپ so much for saving me...Mario!" Princess آڑو cried with joy after the main Mario Brother had defeated Koopa King Bowser and saved her for the nth time.
The مشروم, کھنبی Kingdom princess rushed toward her love, oblivious to the سیکنڈ Mario Brother lingering about in the corner; for all anyone but Mario knew, he was all but invisible.
"What about me?" Luigi complained in a quiet aside.
Nothing came up—the princess and a handful of Toads were still focused on "their" hero.
Luigi grumbled. "I fought Bowser too, آپ know..."
Nothing again.
Giving up, Luigi sulked as he watched, with...
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