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 "Into The Wild Life" cover
"Into The Wild Life" cover
“Into the Wild Life” will be the 3th album of Halestorm. It will come out on April 7th. Until that date, we can listen their new single "Apocalyptic" in this page: link

The album will have 15 songs, here is the tracklist:
1. Scream
2. I Am the Fire
3. Sick Individual
4. Amen
5. Dear Daughter
6. New Modern Love
7. Mayhem
8. Bad Girls World
9. Gonna Get Mine
10. The Reckoning
11. Apocalyptic
12. What Sober Couldn’t Say
13. I Like It Heavy
14. Jump the Gun
15. Unapologetic

آپ can pre-order the album on I-tunes from today and buy their new single there.
 Halestorm 2014
Halestorm 2014
With a Grammy under their belt, Halestorm دکھائیں no signs of slowing down. They spent 2013 touring in promotion of their most حالیہ album, ‘The Strange Case Of…,’ and from the looks of it, 2014 will be another eventful سال for the band.

During their headlining ٹمٹم, gig, لٹو at Terminal 5 in New York City, Halestorm ڈرمر Arejay Hale and bassist Josh Smith sat down with Loudwire and expressed their enthusiasm about their plans for a new album in 2014. They also talked about being on the road and recording cover songs for their latest EP ‘Reanimate 2.0: The Covers EP.’ Check out our interview...
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posted by Stya
Elizabeth Mae "Lzzy" Hale is the lead singer and front-woman of Grammy Award winning American hard rock band Halestorm. She has been with the band since its inception in 1998.


Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale has been actively writing and performing original موسیقی since 1997 when she was 13 years old. Both Lzzy and her younger brother, Arejay, started learning piano at the age of 5; Lzzy later progressed to a keytar and Arejay to the drums. Lzzy began learning to play the گٹار at 16. The teen siblings released an EP titled Don't Mess With the Time Man in 1999, marking Lzzy's first appearance as...
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Why do I like Lzzy Hale :

1.She is a lead singer of an awesome band.

2.Her aggressive singing is unusual and awesome.

3.I love her style. It's very cool.

4.I love Halestorm.

5.She is always beautiful.

6.She made Halestorm سے طرف کی herself.

7.She can play گٹار and piano.

8.She was singing with Amy Lee.

Why I made this club:

Because I saw that she is a cool singer and I was starting to find her club here. Then I didn't found it. And I کہا to myself : "Why there is no club of this awesome singer? If no one has made it. I'll make it. So I made it and hope آپ guys have fun :)

If someday Lzzy will read this article:

I want to tell you, Lzzy :
I love you! آپ are my hero!
Halestorm will release their new EP, ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP, on October 15. As with its predecessor, 2011’s ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP, the record sees Halestorm putting their distinctive spin on a eclectic collection of classic songs, including, this time, tracks سے طرف کی Judas Priest, AC/DC, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Marilyn Manson, and Daft Punk. In anticipation of the EP, Revolver asked frontwoman Lzzy Hale what her سب, سب سے اوپر 10 پسندیدہ Cover Songs are.

10. Stone Temple Pilots, “Revolution”

9.Van Halen, “Pretty Woman”

8. Chris Cornell, “Billie Jean”

7. Evanescence, “Heart Shaped Box”

6. Marilyn Manson, “Sweet Dreams”

5. Seether, “Careless Whisper”

4. Doro Pesch, “White Wedding”

3. Adrenaline Mob, “Barracuda”

2. Metallica, “Whiskey in the Jar”

1. Device, “Close My Eyes Forever”
سے طرف کی Andrew Bansal

On September 18, Halestorm pulled into downtown Los Angeles to headline a دکھائیں at the Wiltern Theater.

Their powerful 19-song, 90-minute set included an assortment of tracks from their two studio albums, along with selections from their upcoming ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP (to be released October 15) — all of which left شائقین beyond satisfied.

Prior to the show, I sat down with Lzzy Hale and guitarist Joe Hottinger to discuss their new EP, their tour, songwriting, گٹار tones and more.

For مزید about Halestorm, check out halestormrocks.com.

REVOLVER: Have آپ guys ever played...
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 Lzzy Hale
Lzzy Hale
On October 29, Niclas Müller-Hansen of Sweden's Metalshrine conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale of Pennsylvanian rockers HALESTORM at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden during the band's European tour with ALTER BRIDGE and SHINEDOWN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metalshrine: آپ recorded a DIO song that didn't end up on [HALESTORM's new EP, "ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP"].

Lzzy: Yeah, we recorded Ronnie James Dio's "Straight Through The Heart" and that one is gonna go on another project that I can't speak of right now. It's pretty awesome! It's gonna be a lot...
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