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 Madonna "Kees Tabak" Photoshoot
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Oh my God, I am hardly sorry for having offended Thee,
And I detest all my sins,
Because I dread the loss of Heaven,
And the pain of Hell,
But most of all because I love Thee,
And I want so badly to be good. (Good, good...)

[Verse 1]

It's so hypnotic,
The way he pulls on me it's like the force of gravity,
Right up under my feet,
It's so erotic,
This feeling can't be beat,
It's pulsing through my whole body feel the heat,
I got the burning hot desi-i-i-i-ire,
And no one can put out my fi-i-i-i-re,
It's coming right down through the wi-i-i-i-re,
Here it comes,
When I hear them eight o' eight drums....
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[Verse 1]

If آپ were the Mona Lisa,
You'd be hanging in the Louvre,
Everyone would come to see you,
You'd be impossible to move.
It seems to me that what آپ are,
A rare and priceless work of art,
Stand behind your velvet robe,
I will not renounce all hope.


And I'm right سے طرف کی your side,
Like a thief in the night,
Standing سے طرف کی with the masterpiece,
And I can't tell آپ why,
It hurt so much to be in love with a masterpiece,
Cause after all nothings indestructible.

[Verse 2]

From the moment I first saw you,
All the darkness turned to light,
And impressionistic painting,
Tiny particles of light,
It seems to...
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New York, N.Y.—Vanity Fair will auction off the one-of-a-kind globe featured with Madonna on the cover of the May Green Issue and signed سے طرف کی her, along with two tickets to a very special performance سے طرف کی Madonna in New York City at the end of April. All proceeds will benefit Raising Malawi, a charity committed to revitalizing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa.

The May issue marks Madonna's 10th appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. Shot سے طرف کی photographer Steven Meisel, she is pictured leaning against the globe, which is four feet in diameter and weighs approximately...
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It's an unreleased compilation album of 2011 containing all the outtakes from Hard Candy, Celebration, Confessions On a Dance Floor albums and موسیقی project of 2004.
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