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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 3: I Rise, آپ Fall

*Dark Alleys, Mitakihara Town*

Elise: *Looks around* With Nick Wolfe out of the picture, now there is nothing that can stop us!

Homura: And you're going to hold your end of bargain?

Elise: آپ mean to protect that Madoka girl? Yes.

Homura: Good.

Hiyori: When shall Kasier arrive?

Kaiser Jarek: *Appears* I have arrived!

Elise: Kaiser! *Bows* It has been too long!

Kaiser Jarek: Yes...I've been patiently waiting for someone to kill the last Half-Wolf...who was it?

Homura: That would be me...

Kaiser Jarek: *Levitates to her* What a cute specimen...*Pinches her left cheek* What chubby cheeks! The women of this world shall suit me well...

Claire: *Whispers to Hiyori* This guy is powerful, but he kind of creeps me out...

Kaiser Jarek: *Levitates to Claire* What about me?

Claire:'re super cool and awesome!

Kaiser Jarek: Good! *Giggles and tickles Claire's chin*

Homura: If that guy touches Madoka, I shall kill him slowly...

Kaiser Jarek: *Laughs* Only a Half-Wolf can kill me! And thanks to you, I am now unstoppable!

Homura: No...

Kaiser Jarek: *Laughs more* آپ really should leave now!

Homura: *Runs out*

Elise: What if she tells someone?

Kaiser Jarek: I won't matter. But I still need to regain my strength.

Elise: Sure...

*Mami Tomoe's Apartment*

Mami Tomoe: *Crying*

Kyoko Sakura: *Knocks on the door* Mami, what's going on in there?

Mami Tomoe: I...*Cries more*

Kyoko Sakura: *Bursts in* I know your upset about Nick Wolfe, but I found something that could help us!

Mami Tomoe: *Wipes away her tears* What?

Kyoko Sakura: I was looking through my church, and I found this map!

Mami Tomoe: For what?

Kyoko Sakura: I actually don't know...but it says that it's called "The Lupin Key".

Mami Tomoe: Lupin Key...what is that?

Kyoko Sakura: I don't know what that is either...but rumor has it that it can revive any life form!

Mami Tomoe: That means...

Kyoko Sakura: *Nods* We can bring back Wolfe!

*Outside Mami Tomoe's Apartment*

Homura Akemi: *Listening in with a magic radio* Hmmmm...they plan on bringing back Wolfe...I must stop them in any way I can! *Aims a Grenade Launcher at Mami Tomoe's apartment*

Sayaka Miki: *Slices the Grenade Launcher in half* What do آپ think you're doing?!!

Homura Akemi: I'm going to stop them from reviving Wolfe!

Sayaka Miki: killed him, and now آپ want to make sure he stays're despicable!

Homura Akemi: Want to do something about it? *Summons a sword*

Sayaka Miki: *Brings out two of her own swords* Bring it!

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