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Spot number seventeen (yay, almost to twenty now) and I intend to keep going until I run out of topics.
I made the 'Mannequin' spot because I've always been fascinated at how lifelike they have become over the years and they are so amazingly colorful, but to broaden the spectrum a little I also included dolls as well as virtual people, such as those seen on سیکنڈ Life and The Sims to this spot.
Finding content for the 'Mannequin' spot was surprisingly easy and a lot of fun, پرستار pick سوالات may be a bit difficult to begin with, however تصاویر will certainly not be a problem at all.
I am very pleased with this spot and I hope that some of آپ have a liking for it too.
Once again, feel free to add whatever content that is relevant if آپ wish to, and my thanks to the supporting شائقین of my other spots so far, and as always, continue to have as much fun on Fanpop as possible.