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Opinion by cannibalZoey posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
fan of it?
1 fan
(Mlp version)
(Queen chrysails vs discord )
Darkiplier vs evil wade
Darkiplier: this battle will b perfect it'll surely b ur fall . I've dreamed of a victory like this scence we were small.
Think u could harm me ? I could make u my slave I've got a good place for u n the amnisea caves I've got a intire Army of evil diamond ponies on my side u just have bob and way to much pride . I'm a destroyer of friendship , u just change into smoke I'll take controll of all equestria hold the گلابی rain

Wade : y hello markie I don't think I've ever seen u like this either way I now U'LL never challenge me anymore .
U need a army ? I can do it alone
It took all of pewdie's magic power to turn my back to normal .
U talk really big but sweetie ur skills r really lacking .
All they need is yami's lust for u to send u packing
I took control of yami , cry , bob and I made chaos like no other all u really did is sleep with me behind ur " lover"