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posted by anna446
26 years back a وٹر, اوٹار qween runs with her one سال old baby girl in her arms meanwhile rats chase her.
jane(marlene's mother):you rats stay away from my baby.
meanwhile young ariche wachs with his father as the rats دائرے, حلقہ the qween.
rat#1:she is our futher qween so give up any chance of her eascape.
jane:no she will eascape from your paws.
ariche swoops down and takes the baby and runs with it while the mother is taken سے طرف کی the rats.ariche goes to the calaferen zoo and sees a young وٹر, اوٹار cople.
young ariche:hi yous two say do آپ sapose need a child to fill آپ life.
anna(marlene's adoted mother):yes
ariche:well todays آپ lucky دن for I've have found a orphened وٹر, اوٹار girl just wanting a new mom and dad to take the place of the ones she lost.
mike(marlene's adopted father)we'll take her.
ariche:you've made a right choice mam and sir.I bid آپ farwell.
26 years later
marlene had grown up looking like a princess.

End of part 1