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posted by MJlover101
Michael and Rosabel arrived at LAX late afternoon. Rosabel had fallen asleep so Michael carried her and their bags into the airport. There he found Janet sitting at the cafe eating a chocolate muffin.
"Enjoying that Dunk?" He said, sneaking up behind her.
"Michael!" She stood up and gave her brother a hug. "Is this the little girl you've been talking about?"
"No, it's a leopard I adopted on the way over." Michael said, smirking at Janet.
"What's her name?" Janet asked, ignoring Michael's sarcasm.
"Rosabel Diamond. Don't wake her yet. Hopefully she'll sleep the whole journey. I want to surprise her. Anyway, where's your car?"
Janet took Rosabel's suitcase from Michael, then led him to her car that was parked outside the airport. While Janet drove Michael and Rosabel to Neverland, they had time to talk, brother to sister. They talked their careers, family, حالیہ events and of course Rosabel. Michael told Janet everything about her, from his visit to his dream about her.
"What do آپ think that dream meant?" He asked.
"I think it means that آپ have two options." Janet replied. "You can run away with her but eventually you'll have to face Joseph, یا آپ can do what Joseph کہا and take her to an orphanage, but you'll be stuck without her."

A couple of hours later, Janet had reached the majestic Neverland gates, which opened as the car got closer to them. سے طرف کی the time Janet had parked the car inside Neverland, it was almost 8pm. Michael got out and carried Rosabel inside the giant house and up to his bedroom where he lay her down on his سونا bed. Then he went back downstairs to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ with Janet.
"So how's the rest of the family doing?"
"They're all still in Canada. Joseph left a couple of days پہلے though."
"What? Where did he go?"
"He کہا he was going back to Indiana. He didn't say why though. Anyway, did he ask آپ for money?"
"No, why?"
"He asked the rest of us. He wanted half a million dollars and he was desperate too. He even asked mother!"
"Oh God, not again. The last time Joseph asked me for money, we ended up not talking to each other for a week."
"Yeah, I remember that! سے طرف کی the way, Elijah, Simone and Macaulay are coming tomorrow. آپ know what that means."
"Water balloon fight! And I refuse to get pushed into the pool this time!"
"Yeah right, you'll probably get pushed in twice as much as last time 'cause you're such a softie."
Michael and Janet continued to talk to each other until they were both tired and went to bed.

The اگلے morning, Rosabel found herself waking up in Michael's سونا bed. She opened her eyes and saw the decorated ceiling then closed her eyes again, counted to ten, then opened her eyes again. Instead of seeing the plain ceiling of the hotel that she expected to see, she saw the same decorated ceiling of the Neverland house. Rosabel sat up and tried to accept the fact that she wasn't dreaming. She saw her suitcase on the floor اگلے to her and got some clothes out of it. When Rosabel had finished getting dressed, she she decided to explore the rest of the house. It didn't take long before she found someone though.
"Janet!" She کہا as she saw her.
"Hey Rosabel. How are آپ doing?"
"Fine. Where's Michael?"
"He's outside with his cousins.Come with me, I'll دکھائیں you."
Rosabel followed Janet outside. She gasped as she saw the whole of Neverland. It was just like having Disneyland in your back yard. There were rides and rollercasters, swimming pools, a train ride and Rosabel even heard distant animal noises. Near one of the swimming pools, Janet and Rosabel found Michael with his cousins and Macualay. They were all holding buckets and balloons filled with water.
"Hi Rosabel." Michael said, when he saw her. "This is Elijah, Simone and Mac."
"Hi everyone. What are آپ doing?"
"We're getting ready for our water balloon fight." Mac said. "Do آپ want to شامل میں in?"
"Yes!" Rosabel said, getting excited again.
"It's boys against girls, so آپ gotta help me Mac and Elijah." Michael said. "We'll have all آپ girls soaked in five minutes."
"We'll see about that." Janet said.
"Yes, we will." Michael agreed. "Now huddle!"
The boys got together in a tight دائرے, حلقہ and started whispering so the girls did the same.
"Okay, we each need to aim for one person." Janet said. "Simone, you're team captain."
"Right, I'll go for Elijah, Janet آپ go for Michael, and Rosabel آپ go for Mac." Simone said. "And stay hidden but change your hiding places often."
"What's our team name?" Rosabel asked.
The girls paused for a minute.
"Badditude!" Simone suddenly said.
"That's great." کہا Janet.

"Losers have to get pushed into the pool سے طرف کی the winners!" Mac suddenly yelled. "So Visions of Doom against..."
"Badditude." Janet said.
"Okay, let's start!" Michael said, grabbing some balloons and running off.
"Rosabel, just stick with me. I'll get آپ started." Simone told Rosabel.
They each took a few balloons then dashed behind a tree. They waited a couple of منٹ until Elijah wondered in front of the tree. Simone suddenly threw one of her ballons and it hit Elijah on his arm.
"Simone!" He groaned.
"Get the idea?" She asked Rosabel. "Just aim for the other team and try not to get hit. Don't forget to hide." With that she ran off, leaving Rosabel to fend for herself.
Rosabel looked around before running to hide behind a shed. Around the corner, she saw Michael running after Janet, throwing balloons at her like crazy. He managed to hit her with his last balloon and she could hear his loud cheers. Suddenly she heard footsteps from behind her and she turned around to see Mac about to throw a balloon at her. She ducked and missed it but saw him getting ready to throw another one, so she ran from behind the shed, past the pool, past Michael and Simone and his behind a statue of a fairy. She could see Mac looking for her, so she got one of her balloons ready and waited until his back was turned. When the right moment came, Rosabel threw her balloon and it hit Mac's back.
"No!" He yelled. "I can't be out! I haven't been beaten سے طرف کی anyone before!"

Rosabel laughed while he moaned and went to find another hiding place. While she was looking, she ran into Janet.
"Rosabel!" She said. "Have آپ been hit yet?"
"Then come with me."
Rosabel went with Janet back to the place where they had huddled and saw an abnormally big water balloon اگلے to the hose.
"How come there's a giant water balloon?"
"I just filled it. There's only آپ and Michael left so I want آپ to find Michael and drench him with that balloon."
"Yep. He knows it's only آپ and him left, so he's gonna be on his guard. And if آپ do it, I'll have something to brag about."
"Alright, I'll do it."
Janet put the water balloon into one of the buckets and gave it to Rosabel who staggered off to find Michael. She found him near the shed she hid behind earlier, then she saw him take cover behind a tree. Rosabel suddenly got an idea. She started to climb the درخت nearest to her with the massive balloon and waited for Michael to come closer. To her delight, Michael stopped directly underneath the درخت she was hiding in. Rosabel tipped the bucket upside-down and the giant water balloon fell out and landed right on Michael's head and for the first time, she heard Michael scream. She struggled to keep her laughter quiet as Michael looked up and saw her in the leaves.
"Oh my God, Rosabel! I can't believe آپ did that! I'm gonna get آپ for this, آپ know."
Rosabel climbed down the tree. "I know that." She said. "But first I have to push آپ in the pool."
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