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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
Mark wanted to be inside of Michael. He wanted to hold him, to be on سب, سب سے اوپر of him, to be the one forcing those angelic notes from his lips. Oh God, those lips...

Michael ran his fingers through Mark's dark hair as he watched his hard penis slide in and out of his mouth. His mind was racing. He still couldn't believe this was real. He wanted it to last forever; he wanted to go to the moon tonight...they were already halfway there.

Mark turned his eyes up to Michael's. There it was. There was what he was waiting for. And he knew it before Michael could say it. The آگ کے, آگ burned in Michael's dark eyes and his full lips quivered with begging. Mark wanted to hear Michael say it and he pleaded to him with his eyes.

"Mark...," Michael whispered so high, "I want it. Give it to me. Oh, make love to me."

Mark quickly enveloped Michael's lips and they fought a quick struggle. Then Mark began nudging Michael to turn over. With one مزید look Michael obiediantly lay on his chest. Mark grabbed a plush تکیا and slid it under Michael's hips arching his buttocks fully.

The sight made Mark's juices flow. Michael's lean back with his long, black curls snaking down the middle and his generous butt and thighs just asking to be slapped. Mark couldn't surpress his grin as he tried to collect his thoughts. He didn't want to hurt Michael so he still had some preparing to do.

Michael panted nervously with his head in his arms. He didn't know what to expect. His bottom felt so exposed proped in the air like this. He was glad the power was out and it was so dim. Then he felt Mark gently massaging his plump and curvy mounds. It felt so good and he could feel himself relaxing already - though his تکیا was in danger of being raped. Michael moaned and then he felt something that made him blush. He had to turn to see for himself.

Mark had pushed his face between his cheeks and was gently rolling his warm, wet tongue over Michael's tight muscle. He was shocked, but so turned on. He had never dreamed anything this wild and before he could سوال the act he felt strangely comfortable with it - and very aroused. Michael slowly began to rub himself with Mark's unrestrained licking. Mark held his hips and encouraged him as he hungrily slid his tongue over him.

Michael was moaning once مزید and Mark decided to slip a finger into his sweetness. Very gently he inserted his middle finger prying him to relax. Michael cried out in surprise, but took it in just the same. He felt as though the back of his mind was being massaged as Mark gently explored him.

It was just like his dream except that it was real. Mark was really real and really with him. And pleasuring him at last. How could he have been ashamed before? His desires were running away with him and as the سیکنڈ passed his guard vanished and there was nothing he wanted to do مزید than be lost forever in this with Mark. This was مزید fantastical than he could imagine and for the first time Michael was at peace with his secret desire.

Mark could feel the passion just radiating from Michael and knew the time was soon. He slipped two مزید fingers into his lover and caressed slowly. Michael was loosening for him and not just in the physical sense; his moans where quite unmistakable now as he stretched his arms in front of him and arched his round, fleshy mounds begging for more.

Mark was just about to advance when Michael did something that both surprised and strangly aroused him. He had brought his left hand to his mouth, and with eyes shut, was very intimatly sucking his thumb.

"Michael...," Mark whispered. He had no intention of interrupting him, but he was curious just the same. He wondered what Michael was thinking, but mostly just hoping it was arousing him. It certainly seemed to be and that was good enough for him. Mark felt like his own cock was going to explode watching this little performance and he finally slipped his fingers from Michael's warm channel.

"Ooh...Mark...do me. Oh, I can't take it anymore! Ohh." Michael slapped his free fist against the بستر moaning into his thumb. He spread his knees far apart and strained as he presented himself as sexually as possible, still toying with his thumb.

Mark felt his دل skip as he gazed down at Michael; he was the epitomy of sex, wanting and begging, needing with such unrestrained arousal and unleashed sexual tension - all desplayed in the most vulnerable of poses.

Michael knew he wanted Mark. He had known this since the dream, but perhaps even before it. But now he absolutly needed him, he couldn't wait until they would شامل میں even though he was terrified too. Would it hurt? Would Mark betray him in some way later on? The سوالات dissolved and were lost before he could even formulate them all. The only thing that remained was his desperate desire for Mark - and his hard flesh.

Michael was still planted chest to the comforter when Mark pushed his hips to the side. No other man would have been able to resist what had been presented in front of him, but he wanted this to be right for Michael.
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