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*Nine مزید Months Later*

As I packed up all my things for my tour, I heard my phone go off. It was Michael. "Hi, Mikey!" "Hi, baby. Whatcha doing?" I held my cell phone between my ear and shoulder while I packed up the last few things. "I'm just getting ready to head to the airport so I can leave for my tour. What are آپ doing?" "To be honest, I'm almost home. I'll be landing in a little bit actually. I wanted to call آپ before آپ left and send آپ a picture of something. I thought آپ could have a حالیہ picture of me to put on your phone like آپ did for me." I loved hearing his voice. It was so smooth and soft. I could listen to him talk for hours. "Okay, well I have to go actually. My plane leaves in thirty minutes. I miss you. I'll see آپ when I get home." "Alright, beautiful. I'll see آپ soon. I'll send آپ the picture in a minute. I love you." I love you, too, Michael. Bye" "Bye."

After I hung up the phone and carried my two suitcases downstairs to the front door, I felt my phone vibrate from a text message. Michael had sent me a picture of himslef with a black sweater over a white button شرٹ, قمیض with the کالر coming out. He looked so handsome and (I have to say it) sexy. This will definately be my new background on my phone. I texted back "Luv it. U look so handsome. Miss u. Bye <3" and sent the message. I grabbed my suitcases and walked to the limo so I could head to the airport. I was actually praying that just before I get on the plane, Michael would land and I could see him before it's my turn to leave home.

When I got to the airport, I saw my rock family. They were all standing around waiting for me. I forgot, I never put on my signature Evanescence outfit. Luckily I packed it in my purse. "Evanescence! There آپ are! Why aren't آپ dresses?" کہا Alex, my brother. "Sorry, guys. I was talking with Michael while packing and I just forgot." "We're just pulling your leg, lil sis." We all headed outside to watch as another plane came in before we could give our luggage and get on. When the plane finally landed, we walked over to ours. One سے طرف کی one, we each got on but I was last. I had to see if this plane that came in was Michael's. I watched for a منٹ and then I heard,"Eva! What are آپ doing? Get in here!" "Sorry, Viktor. I was just watching to see if that was Michael coming in.

When I reached the doorway to the plane, I looked back to see a group of boys walking towards the building. They looked like they could be brothers. One of the men turned around and I felt my دل skip a beat. "Wait! We can't leave yet! Please, hold the plane!" I ran down the steps and yelled his name as loud as I could. "MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL!" He finally turned to look at me and yelled my name in question. "TAYLOR?!" I had the biggest smile on my face when I heard him say my name.

I ran to him as quick as I could with tears running down my face. Michael just stood there watching me and trying to tell his brothers to wait for him. He was wearing the same outfit he had on in the picture he sent me. "Michael!" I was only ten feet away from him until he came to me and picked me up in his arms and lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around him. I felt as if he was lifting my sadness away and replacing it with nothing but love and happiness.

After Michael had finally pushed me away enough to look at me, while still holding me in his warm arms, he leaned closly to me and kissed me hard. I was so happy to feel him and his lips again. I missed everything about him. His touch, his voice, the feeling of his sweet mouth against mine. I was heaven but I had to leave it too soon. We finally broke the hard, passionate kiss and looked at each other with nothing but lust for us to be together again. "Michael, is this real?" I کہا through my tears. He stroked my face and wiped the tears away while he had his own coming out of his beatiful big brown eyes. "Yes, baby. This is real. Everything. But we can't be together now. آپ have to go." "Michael, I don't want to anymore. I want to stay with you! Please, don't let me go. Come with me!" I was begging for him to come. "Taylor, I can't go. I'm not apart of it."

Tears kept running down our faces as I was trying to convince him to get on the plane with me. But Michael kept resisting. He wasn't going to come with me and he was right. Michael can't come. "Michael, promise me that I will come ہوم to you. I'll come ہوم and you'll be there waiting for me. Please! Promise me!" Michael french kissed me passionately and harder this time. "I promise *kiss*" I held Michael so tight to me and allowed him to kiss me anyway he wanted. All I cared about was feeling him with me again. I held the back of his head with one hand while my other arm was around his neck. Michael had his arms wrapped around me like he was hugging me. Our tears kept coming and they mixed in with our rough yet passionate french kiss.

When Michael finally broke the kiss and took in air, he looked at me and said,"You have to go now. We can't spend anymore time together. You'll be ہوم soon. And I'll be there waiting. Go." I looked at him then gave him one مزید quick kiss before it was my turn to let go of his hand. I let go of his body and only held his left hand. When I finally walked back far enough, I let go of his hand. I then blew him a kiss and watched him do the same. I then shut my eyes real quick and turned around to run back the plane. I felt Michael's eyes still on me and knew he must be feeling the same thing I felt when he left.

When I got up to the doorway again. I looked back and waved. Michael waved back and yelled,"I love you!!" I smiled and yelled,"I love آپ more!!" and then slowly turned away from him to get into the plane. I ran to my نشست so I could look out the window and wave to Michael until he was out of my sight. As the plane started to move, Michael started to cry harder. I know this because he was on his knees and had his face buried into his hands. When he was out of my sight, I ended up doing the same. I sat in my نشست with my face in my hands and cried. I want Michael back.

"It's okay, Taylor. You'll be alright." Alex said. He only کہا my first name whenever he was trying to comfort me. "I want him. I want Michael here with me. I love him." "I know. You'll be ہوم soon. It'll go سے طرف کی quickly. Trust me. You'll find him at ہوم waiting for you. آپ two will hug and kiss and make love to each other and finally be together again. I know آپ will." I hugged my brother tightly as I cried harder into his shoulder. "Thank you, Alex. I love you." "I love you, too, baby sis. I love آپ too. And so does Michael. Remember that." After Alex went to go get something to drink for me, I starred outside the window thinking of Michael. Alex is right. I will be ہوم soon, but not soon enough. I'll go ہوم to my handsome angel and find us in بستر together, holding each other and kissing while making love together. God, I wish I had Michael اگلے to me. I know this. After this tour, I will never leave him again.
 "I thought آپ could have a حالیہ picture of me to put on your phone like آپ did for me."
"I thought you could have a recent picture of me to put on your phone like you did for me."
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