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posted by mjfanforever22
from the early age of 23 right around the hight of thriller michael always felt and talked about how he went through part of his life feeling lonley he always کہا he would walk the on through the neighboorhood of the havenhurst compound and would try to find a friend to talk to and to just be himself and not the superstar that we all know that he is in the early 80's michael would always tell reports and journalist that he felt lonley some people thought of it as a joke and would say well dont آپ have freinds that آپ could talk to and hang out with یا dont آپ have ur family that آپ could talk to and share with them about how آپ feel alot of them didnt understand what it really felt like to be lonley and not have somebody to talk to very much as much as آپ would want to without having to pick up the phone in the late 200's michael talked to journalist martin bashir about being lonley and thow he felt about it saying its not a good feeling to have to wake up at night and start to cry cause آپ relize آپ have nobody to talk to at all on the stuff that آپ have on your mind that دن یا if your having a bad دن and آپ want to talk to somebody rewinding to the late 1990's michael's children were born which were prince and paris and soon little blanket some people thought that he could talk to his children sometimes which wasnt the case he couldnt talk to his children about personal stuff all the time later in years michael thoughts about being the lonliest person changed a little because he had his children سے طرف کی his side he started to feel less lonley a little bit but he didnt feel lonley like he had used to when he was a young adult journalist always asked michael how he felt about being the lonliest person on earth as michael would explain it to them they didnt understand what it was like to be lonley some jounarlist would write negitve things about it saying that michael would surround himself with children and would do innoprate things which deffantley wasnt the case at all nobody knew how it felt to be lonley and wainting to have somebody to talk to and to see what is was like to wake up in the morning and too see a another person right beside آپ yes michael did get married twice before but they obvously didnt feel the mold that michael wanted he did love his first wife a great deal but things just didnt work out the way he wanted it to be and when he got married the سیکنڈ the time he wanted a family soo bad which she did give him two wonderfull kids and again she ended there marriage سے طرف کی choice most people thought of it as a joke saying michael got married just to get married for fun which wasnt the case at all some of them just dont understand at all poor michael
Every دن create your history. Every page آپ turn you're writing your legacy. Every hero dreams of chivalry. Every child should sing together in harmony.
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