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michael jackson
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" Why did آپ kiss me?" Tatainna asked. Michael didnt know how to respone really. "I didnt want آپ to leave so thats why i kissed you." Michael replied. "So thats why آپ kissed me...because آپ didnt want me to leave?...First آپ yell at me for kissing آپ then آپ turn around and kiss me..okay im confused now." Tatainna replied. "Well we can just forget this ever happened now will آپ please stay?" michael asked. "Thanks...but no thanks, im leaving." Tatianna began to walk towards the door again. "Wait wait! Michael grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "I'll do anything! please im begging...
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After michael took his شاور and got dressed he then headed downstairs. "Good morning honey." Diane کہا as she walked up to him and kissed him. "Good morning baby." Michael کہا as he then gave her a kiss in return. " about last night...." , " Diane it's ok, آپ don't have to apologize again." Michael کہا stopping her. "What's for breakfast?" Michael asked changing the subject. " um eggs, بیکن and toast." , "sounds good." Michael کہا as he made his way over to the table. "Hey Diane where's Alicia?" Michael asked looking around. " I think she's in the guest room..why?" Diane asked. "Just...
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kissing passionately Michael and Jennine wrapped their arms tightly around each other as Michael gently pulled the red silk ribbon out of hair, Blond hair fluffed around Jennines shoulders making Michael yearn for her more. He had never felt this kind of passion before. Taking Jennine on the floor he made passionate love to her and Jennine returned the passion a thousand times over. She loved this man like never before. They showed their love many times over. Lying back in each others arms Michael starte giggling. What could be so funny Jennine thought wondering if he was laughing at her.Michael کہا "I dont think im going to have the energy to dance tomorrow." Jennine laughed and کہا blushing "And its al my fault" Michael kissed her and کہا "Well looks like were going to have to do this EVERYDAY to loosen me up. "Its a deal" Jennine کہا kissing him back. And Jennine and Michael slowly drifted off to sleep in each others arms. THE END.
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 my lover Michael
my lover Michael
Bright red jacket. Jet black hat from which hangs a long brown curl
The very sight of this man always sends my دل in a whirl
Pale ivory skin with a faint گلابی blush
Makes me burn with a fever as I feel my دل rush
Long black lashes surround beautiful big brown eyes
I hold my breath as my دل sighs
Luscious rosy lips in the shape of cupid
Not to kiss them would be just plain stupid
Perfectly framed slim cute nose
I catch my breath as my eyes close
Glancing my way after what seems awhile
His angelic face breaks into a smile
My pulse is racing as he draws near
So grateful my thoughts he cannot hear
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michael jackson
king of pop
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“Alright class we have a کوئز today so I don’t want any of y’all messin around.. especially آپ Amira” کہا Mrs Taquisha. “Huh?”. “Huh means آپ can hear” کہا Mrs Taquisha. The students and her دوستوں were laughing at Mrs Taquisha. “Gosh why’s your name Taquisha?” کہا Amira giggling “It’s ghetto” کہا Amira. “Gurl do آپ want to get detention again” کہا Mrs Taquisha. “Nah I’m good, but nice try”. “What part of stop messin around do آپ not understand” کہا Mrs Taquisha. “The oh” کہا Amira laughing. Then her twin sister named Amani was daydreaming...
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