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This Michael Jackson تصویر might contain کنسرٹ, گٹارسٹ, and گٹار کھلاڑی.

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Many artists come and go but very few are able to put an effect on billions of موسیقی lovers all over the world. Michael Jackson was one of them. Right from the his first album “Off the wall” in the سال 1979 to the last hit “Dangerous”, Michael Jackson موسیقی affected the pop موسیقی industry in numerous ways. Whether it is his charm, extraordinary موسیقی ویڈیوز یا دل touching songs, link and his موسیقی has definitely changed the way pop موسیقی was created. His unique style and popularity even after his death, proves that he is, was, and will always remain the king of POP. Michael Jackson...
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 Cover of the "Will آپ Be There" CD single.
Cover of the "Will You Be There" CD single.
Michael Jackson first revealed Will آپ Be There to the world when it featured as the eleventh song on his 1991 album release 'Dangerous'. Penned solely سے طرف کی Michael at the height of his career, this initial 7 منٹ and 40 سیکنڈ version of the song became an instant favourite of شائقین the world over.

The first time I heard Will آپ Be There, I was captivated سے طرف کی the intensity of emotion conveyed سے طرف کی Michael in both his voice and lyrics. I can still remember sitting at eight years old, engrossed in writing out the lyrics over and over again in an attempt to decipher Michael's true intent behind...
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michael jackson
michael jackson
Every دن create your history. Every page آپ turn you're writing your legacy. Every hero dreams of chivalry. Every child should sing together in harmony.
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michael jackson
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