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This Michael Jackson تصویر might contain کنسرٹ, گٹارسٹ, and گٹار کھلاڑی.

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A few months later...

Michael's P.O.V

I'm working on my first adulthood solo album with Quincy Jones ( whom I call Funky ). It's supposed to be a sign that I'm not a child anymore and that I'm completely capable of working without my brothers under my wing, and my father taking charge of all my actions.

At least with Quincy, I know that he thinks that I can be a successful solo artist. And then there is other reasons too. I want to be known مزید than another black artist. I want to overcome those color barriers. And being stuck in the same R&B chart isn't fun either. I want to break that streak too. I also want to be became better known outside the United States, I want to thrive outside America and explore and get a bigger پرستار base. I know it's a lot of expectations but I know it'll all happen someday....

Sorry it's so short, just having a mild writers block. I'll be sure to make it longer اگلے time though. <3 Hugs and Kisses
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