Michelle Rodriguez Rodrigguez Theft

awenlocklear posted on Apr 01, 2019 at 08:34PM
I heard fat ass michelle and other entertainers are so untalented. they actually use some sort of new technology to steal others creations and then rename them.i am so glad all of my movies that are coming out..." 69 demons", " heimdall warden of the Gods" " stang". " atm", " the voucher" about 10 other movies and my art gallery " Full throttle art take it to the edge a play on light" my car and truck designs..Blue balls and Ball Breaker. my " endors forest organics and herbals "are all copy righted. I am also sooo thankful to be in shape not like this piece of shit..Hispanic. ashfork,az rodrigguez any time you want me to teach you talent.angela

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