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This is just pure fanfiction. Not based on any truth.

Mickie James and Alexa Bliss have had quite the history since Mickie returned to the WWE just last year. They were allies, enemies, and now allies again. Alexa had recently saved Mickie James, rekindling their alliance. But Mickie wanted more. She wanted to be in charge this time.

She invited Alexa up to her hotel room to discuss things.

"Look, Alexa, we have been down this road before. And it didn't work last time."

"Mickie, I promise this time will be different! Just follow my lead."

"No," Mickie کہا confidently. "I will be calling the shots...
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Someone in this club once wrote an مضمون claiming that Trish Stratus was no match for Mickie James. That is simply not the case.

Even during the early days, the sexy Canadian bombshell was able to tame the voluptuous psycho مزید often than some realize. Trish defeated Mickie in their first singles match together and in their final singles match together. The gif above, taken from a tag match, sees the lovely Trish crushing the crass psycho's body against the mat with a bulldog, on her way to winning that encounter.

Last night at the Royal Rumble, it was just مزید of the same. Trish Stratus, having not wrestled in years, was easily able to handle her old foe, eliminating her from the match. Mickie James has thus lost her dominance and is left a victim to any woman the WWE puts against her.
posted by steph86
Bang, bang, bang!
Bang, bang!

Your fingers on the trigger
Your eyes on the prize
Your sign says bring your backwards cap
Can't hide that dirty mind

You're scoping me
You're throwing me
Right in your line of fire

Your empties on the table
Your ego fills the bar
Another round might take me down
You're close but no cigar

You're playing me, relentlessly
Pushing it up to the wire

Can't آپ see
My دل is bulletproof

You're shooting blanks
There's no boom to your bang
Shooting blanks!

You won't hear those angels sing
Your Casanova cowboy game is on
And those lines you're shelling ain't real bullets cause

You're shooting...
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posted by mrdaredevil30
Trish Stratus hailed as the best diva statistically, was no fight for Mickie James.Right from Mickie's debut the so called 'PSYCHO GIRL' targeted Trish.
Looking at their one on one matches anyone could say that mickie was far stronger and better then Trish.As out of the few matches between them Mickie Dominated all of them losing 1 یا 2 due to some منٹ mistakes.This is the speciality of the PSYCHO GIRL who has moved to TNA!!
So beware divas cause if this girl returns to wwe she'll create havoc all around the divas camp!!
posted by Aiden995
Thats right. Mickie "Psycho Diva" she will debuts on during period of the PPV Bound For Glory.
She debuted in WWE on the 2005 as Trish Startuss پرستار #1!
She feuded versus Ashley becouse her was best friend about Trish. After Ashely drafted on Smackdown and Trish and Mickie have a feud! On Wrestlemania 22 Mickie beats Trish and her won Women's Championship! Trish was retirement and Mickie has a feud verus the historical diva Lita.
On Survivor Series 2006 Mickie beats Lita and her won the سیکنڈ Women's Championship and Lita was retirement. When the WWE fired Mickie, her started singer career with her first album, Strangers & Angels was then released on May 18 2010.
She won 5 times Women's Championship beating Trish, Lita and EVERYBODY divas hamper her way. And now Mickie James has signed a contract with the TNA!
What ever happened to that girl
With dreams as big as the sky over Montana?
She and her fairytale world
Hopped a train in her faded blue bandana.

What ever happened to that boy
Stars in his eyes and wild imagination?
Don't see him around here anymore
Rolled outta town on a permanent vacation.

She believed she could see the world
Through passion and her smile.
And he believed his universe
Was driven سے طرف کی desire.

Remember who آپ are
And what آپ wanted as a child.
It's never too late
Don't be afraid to fly!

Whatever happened to that girl?
She came across that boy
And love brought them together.

Don't see them around...
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Its been awhile, since I took the time out
آپ must think I forgot how
To make آپ feel the way I used to
Nothing else mattered but you
Well tonight that woman آپ used to know
She'll be waiting for you, when آپ get home

Ill barely give آپ time to get through the door
Then ill lead آپ down the hall, for a little more
And ill love you, I'm gonna love you, so right
You'll be glad you're mine
When آپ come ہوم tonight

We wont need candles, we wont need words
Forget about dinner, just let it burn
I'm gonna be a little busy, taking my time
Whatever آپ want baby, ill let آپ decide
Gonna make...
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posted by steph86
Sitting in the نشست of my old homes.
Pretty city lights down far below.
Sitting there soaking up all the heat of the fire.

You sat a little closer and whispered in my ear.
Never even getting around to opening those beers.
Being here with آپ now.
Nothing could get me no higher.

It's a long way down.
Baby hold onto me.
Never let me touch the ground.
It's a long way down.

Scared I'm gonna fall without your loving arms around.
Well love for آپ is such a natural thing.
You were born to spread those angel wings.

Every time آپ touch me swear I feel light as a feather.
But it seems like every other corner I turn....
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posted by steph86
Sexy young thing they call The Boss.
Poor girl ہولی with the dual exhaust.

Chick can burn a rubber for half a block.
That ain't a quarter mile I ever logged.

Look at me! (look at me!)
I wanna be James Dean.

I'll be standing on the peddle.
Pushing it to the metal.
Listening to the devil.

Hold my shoulder.
I don't know where I'm heading.
But I bet آپ I don't come in last.
If I'm going, I'm going fast.

93 got my first guitar.
Daddy knew the back door to every bar.
Well I learned my lesson way back then.
Break the rules I can't bend.

My soul shows! (my soul shows!)
Where موسیقی grows.

I'll be standing on the peddle....
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posted by steph86
I'm a lover and a fighter
And a party all-nighter
Fire running through me
With a little bit of sugar

Once آپ get a taste
It's gonna make آپ wanna run off
Like a school boy and tell it to your momma

If آپ can handle that
Then آپ can hang with this
Just a notch on my belt
Another name on the head

I get down
With the get down
Ain't afraid throw a few down
Cause we're loose
Rockin this town, yeah
I got the whole crowd
Getting down with the get down

It's the sun going down
Coming down kinda nice
Like lightning in a bottle
Going off like dynamite

Mark on 24/7 like a 7-11 store
Walk in wanting nothing
Getting more...
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posted by steph86
آپ musta got your play book
From a tabloid magazine
Full of trashy lies
And schemin' behind the scenes
آپ were hittin' on my baby
The first time I turned my back
Did آپ really think that I
Was gonna let آپ get away with that

You're a dumb bitch
آپ must think that I am like a smart bitch
Wouldnt step across that line
Cuz this کتیا, کتيا is gonna cut آپ down to size
Teach آپ not to mess with whats mine
آپ dumb bitch

I'm a good woman
Lookin' in a no good womans eyes
آپ knew what آپ were doin'
Now its too late to apologize
Maybe this'll teach you
Not to try that trash again
And save another...
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posted by steph86
The women's division is seeing a revolution in the WWE. Female wrestlers are getting مزید time to work, the green light to push themselves in the ring, and just treated better overall. Many شائقین are excited for this.

But look back at the old diva division. People complain about the short matches and sloppy workers. What usually gets overlooked is that this was an era that did not give all women fair opportunities. A woman like Trish Stratus یا Kelly Kelly is meant to be the centerpiece in such an era. Nothing against these women, but female wrestlers often just get used to put these women over...
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Would آپ like a little cream in your coffee?
Or tell me, do آپ take your coffee black?
Would آپ want me knocking on your front door?
Or would آپ rather meet me round in back?

We could go out to the symphony.
Or just stay home, with the rock and roll in stones.

Whatever! Whatever!
I'm ready to do whatever turns آپ on!

We could take a little drive out in the country.
Go round the world in just one afternoon.
We could make a little سوئنگ, جھول سے طرف کی the drive in.
Where I could feed آپ ice cream with a spoon.

We could spend a دن making memories.
Or half the night just talking on the phone.

Whatever! Whatever!
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Well I've been known to get a little dirty
These arent the gentlest of hands
I can slap take out a بیئر when I get thirsty
Oh yeah I can
I work harder than a lady oughta have to
I aint complainin' thats just life
But when I come ہوم through that door boy I expect you
To do a whole lot مزید than hold me tight

Make me feel like a woman
Get in touch with the soft side of me
I dont just want آپ to love me
I mean for آپ to set me free
No dont آپ hold back nothin'
Leave me مزید than satisfied
Make me feel like a woman
And ill دکھائیں آپ what a real woman feels like

Well ill spell it out so آپ dont...
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Dont just sit there on that highback bar chair
Asking me to play this stupid game
Dont tell me that your hearts on آگ کے, آگ or
That your burning with desire
This ship we're on is going down in flames
No I dont want to play
I think I'll just walk away

Cause I'm no good at pretending
You'd know it if I tried to lie
If its over and آپ see it ending
Well lets just say goodbye
Cause I'm no good, no good at pretending

Dont look at me with those eyes
Those baby blues cant deny
That you've been seen with other girls
Dont blame it on them neon lights
یا old number 7 nights
It gets a little crowded in your...
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As آپ all know Mickie James was a talented diva on RAW but that soon came to an end when she was transfered to Smackdown!, the reason why was because after the Mickie James and John Cena storyline she still had feelings and when John Cena got married she started to get very angry so John Cena complained to Vince McMahon and that's when the diva trade came. They had to make it not look obvious سے طرف کی trading other divas along with the talented diva Mickie but there was مزید to the story, people on RAW started teasing about her weight and Mickie came to an emotional end.
posted by steph86
Honey, I dont know why
Its taken all this time to figure out
But darlin', the tears and the sweat
Were just bricks that we let weigh each other down
The highs and the lows
Baby dont we know it well
But what we've built together
Makes us stronger than ever

I'm fallin' all over again for you
And baby dont آپ know the truth is
I'm hoping your دل will catch mine when I do
When I do, cause I'm fallin' all over again, baby for you

Baby, we've had out share of the
Battles that wear us both to the ground
But lately, ive come to find
That ol' flame in your eyes hasnt flickered out
Theres not a line...
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posted by steph86
If آپ came here looking for something
Laid back sweet and slow
Before this thing gets rolling
Something آپ oughta know

Might be a little too though for you
Might be a little too fast
'Cause I live every single night
Like it might be my last
If آپ think آپ can handle that

Here we go baby
Come on!
Gonna get crazy
When I do it
I damn sure do it up right
Start with a rock and roll party
Mix in a whole lot of naughty
Stir it up
'Til it feels just right
And آپ just might have the best damn night of your life

So if you're سیکنڈ guessing
Better walk away right now
'Cause once this rocket launches
Ain't no...
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Somebody's gonna pay for the way that آپ walked on me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that آپ lied
Somebody's gonna learn that something آپ just don't do to me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that I cried

The only way to get back at آپ is with someone new
Someone who can be there all the time
I know it's wrong and assuring it's cruel
But I'm gonna break your دل the same way آپ did mine

Somebody's gonna pay for the way that آپ walked on me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that آپ lied
Somebody's gonna learn that something آپ just don't do to me
Somebody's gonna pay for the way that I cried...
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posted by steph86
Baby tell me how this love got so tough
Cant آپ believe that my all was enough
My دل is broken and my face is in my hands
So many unspoken words ill never understand

Baby baby dont apologize
Sometimes we have to نگلنا our pride
It says it all in your eyes
But I just cant let آپ see me cry
Cause I really dont wanna say goodbye
And it hurts me so baby please please
Dont apologize

Its not easy and I dont wanna let go
But before I do theres something آپ should know
Someday you'll look back and see what you've done
The life آپ missed out on could've been the one

Baby baby dont apologize
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