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 what tails woul look like if he was human
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Prologue: Hey, T_a_i_l_s here just with a new name!
It already was Tails' 14th birthday... Well, one ماہ after. Anyway Tails was sitting down in front of Emarald ہل, لندن Zone, Soon he had a flashback,


Tails: ! Awesome I can fly سے طرف کی spinning my tails!

Tails flew over to a plane following the footprints and was delighted to see his idol, Sonic napping under it. He flew inside the plane and took an immediate liking to it.

Tails: (whispering) wow!

Suddenly there was a huge explosion. Tails fell down into the cockpit. Just when sonic was gonna dash off, Tails stopped him

Tails: WAIT!!!

Tails lept...
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Drawing Miles "Tails" Prower [Paint Tool SAI]
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paint tool sai
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