Mindless Behavior Girlz Crazy for Mindless Behavior!!!!!!

BriannaluvMB posted on Jun 08, 2012 at 06:53PM
Alot of girls are going crazy for M.B.Daaaa because their four super cute boys, hott ,has swagg and has abes.Girls all over the world luv them.They are even taking over Big Time Rush and Justin Biber.Much won't say Chris Brown and Diggy Simons.The most like in Mindless behavior is Princeton.Maybe because he is hott, nice, handsome and cute.Second most liked is Roc royal because he has swagges, hott,cute and tottaly lovable.Now i think Ray and Prod is the same cute nice funny and cool.i have no idea but you can tell me.All the crazy fans for M.B plus me,if prince,ray prod or even roc gets like a girl friend you would like to kill them i will even do the same.My friend said if princton got a girl "I will kill that a*shole" and that was tottaly crazy for Princeton.So don't really be like her because she is kinda a a figter and you will not believe what she did to a gil when she said prince was an idiot.......let's just say my friend was suspend i was suspend to becase i was trying to stop her and my prinipal is an idiot and the girl she was in a coma.So please don't be like her. anyway if you guys like this please tell me on my wall

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