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Okay so Roc just kissed you,you were surprised,but آپ kissed back

Roc:*pulls away*YN,you...just...damn*kisses آپ again*
Yn:*wants to pull back but his lips are too big and soft*
Roc:*takes off your top*
Yn;*pulls away*what the heck Roc?
Roc:*kisses your neck*I need your love YN
Yn:Roc,I don't wanna lose my virginity yet!
Roc:oh well
Roc:shut up YN!*punches you,slaps you,strips*
Yn:ROC!*starts crying*
MB:*runs in the room*ROC ROYAL!
Yn:*scoots away from Roc*
Roc:bitch*pulls آپ toward him*
Ray:*kicks roc in the stomach*
Prod:cmon YN*helps آپ up and holds you*
Prince:Prod,take YN to the bathroom and...
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Ray's ٹیکو Fiesta: An Interactive Imagine Starring You

It was a Friday after school when the bus dropped آپ off home, آپ noticed the mail man placing some mail into your box. آپ LOVED getting mail. So آپ walked up to the mail box and opened the lid and grabbed all the mail. آپ sift through it wondering if anything interesting came today یا if anything was addressed to you. A neatly decorated invitation dropped from your hand and fell onto the ground. آپ noticed it on the ground and picked it up. The Invitation read: ارے Beautiful Y/N. آپ are invited to Ray's ٹیکو Fiesta where the theme...
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Girls except Alexis: Thanks!
Walter: Come on boys it's time to start the show
Boys: Okay Walter!
Roc: So we'll see آپ girls later?
Mary: Fuck yeah آپ will! >:)
Prince: *laughs* Okay later
Boys: *Walks away*
Girls: *gose to their seats*
Announcer: Everybody give it up for......MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!
Crowd: *cheers*
Prod: Where.....is Mrs.Right? I gotta find......Her......Her.....Her!
Alexis: Mohawk i'm right here!
Prod: *smiles*
Random girl: Prodigy smiled at me!
Alexis: No کتیا, کتيا he smiled at me!!
Random girl: *frowns*
MB: Where is mrs.right? I gotta see her travel all across the world just to meet her
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Victoria: Ladies Hurry!
Alexis: It's only Behavior Mindless
Mary: It's Mindless Behavior -_-
Jessica: Alexis why are آپ going?
Alexis: I wanna see mohawk
Victoria: Prodigy???
Alexis: Yeah him! That's mohawk
Mary: C'mon before we're late
Jessica: Okay
The girls leave to go to the Mindless Behavior concert
Ticket guy: tickets please
Jessica: *gives him yall tickets*
Ticket guy: *takes them* Enjoy!
Girls: Thanks!
The girls walk into the place where the کنسرٹ is.
Alexis: Ima go to the bathroom
Jessica: Okay
Alexis gose backstage looking for the bathroom and texting at the same time then she bumps into a boy...
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