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This Mindless Behavior تصویر might contain تفریح ​​یہودیی, تفریح پہن, پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

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posted by Skittlez143fan

Prince:I'm sorry کرن, رے was a jerk.
Yn:It's okay.I guess I fell for the wrong boy.
Prince:So,who do آپ think is the right boy?
Yn:Well,Ray is a no.A hell no.Roc is...well,I'm gonna give him a chance,but probably no.Prod is so sweet,humble,and caring.But you,you're caring,funny,and silly!Either آپ یا Prod but please,don't fight over me.
YN:Can we go somewhere?
YN:Some where where کرن, رے isn't.
MB:So...you wanna go to a club?
Yn:This early in the morning?
MB:Well,how about we stay ہوم until then?
At the club at night
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-Episode "Virginity Taken Away PART1?" This episode is Rated R! So if you're young and don't even know the meaning of that, EXIT!!!-

*I'M SERIOUS!!! -__-*

//8:43pm When Tay&Chres got to his room, Chresanto closed the door and took a good look at Taylee

Chres: Are آپ willing to give me birthday sex?
Tay: Are آپ a virgin?
Chres: (Looking embarrassed) Actually, I am. Are you?
Tay: It's nothing to be embarrassed about. And yeah.
Chres: I've always wanted to give away my virginity to the right person.

//Tay started thinking about کرن, رے AGAIN
Chres: (He got on سب, سب سے اوپر of Tay and was lowering his face slowly...
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posted by RayRay_LuvzU2
Previously on Love Is Like A Journey Story 3:

Girls get dressed and put on their outfits for the video.
Genesis: Well don't we all look fresh!
Kacey: 'Cause we got that swagger on a hundred thousand million and beyond!...man I want some chicken
Genesis: Well that was random...awww...she's just like Prodigy!
Kacey: Girl Be Quiet! :)
Genesis: ^__^

Story 3:
4 Weeks Later:
The girls are at lunch sitting down minding their own buisness until they all get a buzz on their phone. (All of them look on their phones with eyes popping out of their heads)

Kacey: Oh ma lawd!
Genesis: *gasp* (really loud)
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the اگلے دن (saturday)

ray-im. RITE. HERE!!!
me-giv me my iPod
ray-use ur legs. thats wat their 4.
me-OMG UR SOOO MEAN 2 ME!!! *gets up n goes dwnstairs*
alana-gurllllll. where my boo at???
me-1 he's not ur boo. he's bree's. 2. in the living room
alana-TY!!! *runs in living room n messes with roc.*
bree-omggggg. that gurl bettah watch her hands with my man!!!!
me-lmfao!!! watcha doing???
bree-abotu 2 go pick up the twins frm daycare
*im changing the kids names since i 4got em :P*
me-awwww!!! kk bye
bree-bye *leave*
dray-*comes in door on fone*
dray-sustah. im the big...
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one they manage 2 get in the school about 30 منٹ later

in office with شائقین on the othr side of door n دیوار screaming their heads off

head mistress-so do any of u girls hav medication?
tay-blood pressure n crazy pills
hm-okayyyy well here *hands us scheduals (idgad how u spell it! save it 4 school!!!)* n ur locker nubers r-
evrybdy-I WANNA LOCKER سے طرف کی HIM/HER!!!!
me-*points 2 ray*
ray-*points 2 me*
dray-*points 2 prince*
prince-*points 2 her*
bree-*points 2 roc*
roc-*points 2 bree*
tay-*points 2 prod*
prod-*points 2 cute girl outside hallway*
tay-*punches him* PROD!!!?!...
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me n kay:*walk n to the house*
everyone:alana kay*runs n hugs us*
us:damn ever heard of space
them:lol sorry
roc:i missed u alana
me:i missed u 2*hugs him tight*
ray:omg kay u had me crying
kay:i heard i love u so much
ray:i love u 2
tan:who want to go get some food
me:yall 2 r just alike
kay:lol ikr they r
roc:ik what i want
roc:its really good n it starts with an a
me:ewwww boy nasty
roc:lol im just saying
bree:what lol i dont get it
me:he wants me dumb nut lol
bree n te:ohhhhhhhhhhhh lol
tan:dumb پچھواڑے, گدا lol
diggy:get yall asses in the car so we can get some food
jacob n tan:aint got 2 tell me...
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Roc pov
When I knocked on the door I heard running footsteps End pov
Roc:*looking at her like wtf* ارے D I missed آپ and your wierdness
Diamond:Hey boo boo *hits him in the arm playfully* just come in meany oh yea and missed آپ too *hug for lil bit**puts finger out* *roc grabs finger*
Roc:you still do that lol see wierd
Diamond:oh shush! *they both laugh*
Roc pov (heads up a boy at school told me a dude would think this lol) Dammmmnnn!! She grew up!!! The whole time we were walking I couldn't stop looking at her a** I mean lord Jesus her body is banging...
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