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 Very very tall towers
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Includes: bedrock, obsidian, lapus lazuli,gold, diamond, leaves, sponges, book shelves, clay, stone, and many other things. MADE WITH CREATIVE MODE
very very very very tall
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This Minecraft تصویر might contain سکائی سکریپر, بلند ترین عمارات, ہوائی پنکھے, ونڈ ٹربائن, کاروبار ضلع, شہر کے مرکز میں, کاروباری ضلع, and شہر.

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This is a new story series dedicated to my little sister, Savannah. She loves Minecraft, and I hope آپ like my stories. ✰

Out in the sandy desert in the land of Minecraft, Steve was roaming in تلاش of food and water. He looked around him only to see a few trees and a cactus. He continued walking until he started feeling too weak to keep going.
It's hopeless, Steve thought. I'll just die out here, in the middle of nowhere.
Steve lay on his back, thoughts running through his mind, each one a scenario of what could happen next.
Finally, Steve closed his eyes and fainted away.

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