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گلبہار, گل داؤدی (me):hello this is my first time so sorry if it is scruffy,anyways hello this is and سوال and Dare section so here is the people who is in this Jesse, female Jessie, Rueben, Olivia, Axel, Lukas, Soren, Elle, Magnus ,Gabriel.before we start تبصرہ down bellow what سوالات and dare آپ want me to do and I will answer آپ سوال and dare and add your characters name and we will see what we can do
f jesica (girl jesse)
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Hello there I'm GDTrekkie AKA Purple Enderman. آپ might have seen that Minecraft Story Mode came out سے طرف کی Telltale games.

When آپ play it آپ would see that it's مزید cinematic then a real video game would be.

As I was thinking I figured out that a Minecraft Movie won't come out any time soon. The reason is because of the Story Mode.

They wanted to make it like a movie, but where آپ choose the story.

So now we think, "Is there going to be a Minecraft Movie?"

I would say "Not in a long time" because as a replacement they put the Story Mode. It would probably not get a lot of money as the Movie but they probably thought that it's easier to produce and less costs for production.

But this is my opinion and I don't think that I'll be seeing a Minecraft movie soon.
 A Very Large Minecraft Redstone Build....
A Very Large Minecraft Redstone Build....
Welcome To Redstone

An Introduction To The Electrifying Word Of Redstone!

Whether you're playing in Survival یا Creative mode, redstone is an amazing substance that will open up immense possibilities of Minecraft. It will enhance your gameplay سے طرف کی teaching آپ how to connect and control the blocks that make up your world.

Redstone dust and torches were first introduced in Alpha. Repeaters were introduced in the official redstone release Alpha 1.3.1, when it also became possible to obtain redstone سے طرف کی trading with villagers. Witches, who sometimes drop redstone, were noticed in Alpha 1.4.2, followed...
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