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I'm obsessed with LotR and Pokemon and I like Winx Club. My nickname is Pippin. I know some elvish such as le hannon means thank آپ and suilad means hello. I have a map of middle earth on my wall. one of my bffs is Peacebaby. I do NOT like Kowalski anymore. I like reading and writing too.

I have one green eye and one blue eye. I have red hair. I also have lots of imaginary friends. Don't tell any of my other imaginary دوستوں this but my favourite imaginary friend is Gabriel. that's all for now.
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Well, she love-love-loves Penguins of Madagascar. She also likes anything with cute animals, such as littlest pet-shop. That's the reason she likes Mort from PoM.
She also really likes Lady Gaga. She likes other music, too, but not nearly as much as she likes Lady Gaga.
Speaking of music, one of her پسندیدہ things to do is sing. She really wants to be a singer when she grows up.
Thing is, she doesn't really like being onstage یا in front of a lot of people. I think if she really wanted to do it, though, she could.
Another thing she doesn't like: Spongebob. (Don't get mad, Spongebob fans, not everyone...
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