"Umm I will need my 50 pairs of shoes,my lipgloss,nail polish,oh,if I'm gonna bring that,I need my nail polish remove---am I forgetting something,Clawdeen?" Draculaura remarked. Clawdeen sighed. "Lala, I think you'VE packed your whole room سے طرف کی now. آپ have taken..." Clawdeen took a look at the time on her Ipad. "An گھنٹہ and a half! I can NOT believe Spectra is taking us to 90210 to visit Melody!" "I know it's amazing! And the part where we get to go on a cruise!" Bwoop. Clawdeen's phone got a text. "Come on,Draculaura! Spectra will be here in 5! Zip up!" Draculaura sat on سب, سب سے اوپر of her "freaky just got fabulous!" Monster High suit-case, and struggled to zip it up. "Ow! I zipped my nail! Now I have to re-file, AND re-paint them!" Draculaura whined. "Oh come ON Draculaura! Do that in the car! Here." Clawdeen sat on the suitcase too,and zipped it up easily. "Thanks!" Draculaura said.Just then, the door گھنٹی, بیل rang. "That must be her. I'll get it." Clawdeen said. "Hey, Clawdeen! Are آپ and Draculaura reaady?" Spectra asked. "Yup. DRACULAURA! COME ON!" Clawdeen said. Draculaura came to the foyer with four bags. "Here are yours,Clawdeen." Draculaura handed Clawdeen two of the suitcases. "Thanks,ghoul!" Clawdeen said. Then the three ghouls strolled happily to Spectra's big van. "Now," Spectra began, "We go pick up the rest." "Gotcha!" Draculaura and Clawdeen both کہا at the same time. They all laughed.

"Here we are! Lagoona and Frankie are sitting on the porch. ارے Frankie! Lagoona! Over here!" Spectra said. Frankie and Lagoona rolled their bags with them and plopped into the van. "Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!" Frankie said. "Hey mates!" Lagoona said. "Off we go!" Lagoona yelled exitedly. Then they drove off.

The وین stopped at 5 other places, picking up Heath, Clawd, Abbey, Cleo, Deuce, Opperetta, Ghoulia, Gill, SloMo, Jackson/Holt, Howleen, Haylee,Billy,Brett,and C.A. Cupid. "O.K. people!" Spectra started. "There won't be a building for miles, so if anybody needs anything, please say so now while I get some gas." "I'm going to go in the store and get some snacks for the road. Anyone else wanna come?" Heath asked. Haylee stood up almost immediately. "I'll come!" she exclaimed a little too loudly such that everyone turned their heads. Haylee blushed and walked off the وین with Heath.

When they came back, everybody was situated so they got in the وین and drove off. Frankie listined to Lady Gaga on her MP3 player, Jackson fanned himself with a mini fan, Draculaura and Clawdeen did eachother's nails, Ghoulia and SloMo read a science book together, Cleo snuggled اگلے to Deuce and "Got some mummie's rest" as she called it, Clawd was lifting dumbells, Lagoona was applying her 5th کوٹ of monsterizer, Howleen was arguing with her sister, Heath and Haylee were talking, Opperetta was listening to Graveyard Smash, and Billy and Spectra were talking while Spectra drove. What a peacful ride... یا so they think... To be continued...