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 monster high house and school
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My husband and I created this monster high house and school for our granddaughter for Christmas 2012
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This Monster High تصویر contains ڈریسنگ ٹیبل, ڈریسر, باطل, ٹوائلٹ کی میز, تکبر, and ٹوائلٹ ٹیبل. There might also be lectern, پڑھنے کی میز, لیکٹیرن, and ریڈنگ ڈیسک.

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Monster Parent: Dracula
Age: 1,599 (I can't wait for my Sweet 1600th)
Killer Style: My dad calls me Draculaura but to my دوستوں I’m Ula D. I love to splash my black outfits with some cheery گلابی and I even carry a frilly umbrella so I can take an occasional walk in the sun.
Freaky Flaw: Since I can’t see my reflection in a mirror, I have to leave the house not knowing if my clothes and makeup are just right. Of course after 1,599 years of practice I’ve gotten pretty good at it.
Pet: Count Fabulous is my BFF (Bat Friend Forever), he’s a very proud and proper bat but I just can’t help...
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posted by prim17luvr101
For royal eyes only!


It is important for those of us with royal blood to leave a record of our musings for the common folk who will never know the splendor of our lives and for the historian whose life is dedicated to the proclamation of our greatness...or so says my father. But what it comes down to is this:

You want to be me

You can't be me

You'll never be me

So get over it.

July 3rd

Nothing to do today, but being bored is for commoners. So I shall choose to rise above this state سے طرف کی declaring that today is a دن for doing nothing...yeah, like that worked.

July 10th

Father received...
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posted by Clawtina
Name: Josh Howls

Age: 17

Parents: The Werewolfs.

Killer Style: White button shirt, black jeans, red tie and navy blue tie up boots. Oh, and I love my hair gelled یا spiked up.

Freaky Flaw: Bad mouthing people has been a hobby for a while. I don't know why.
I hate it when people call me 'Bad Werewolf Boy' it gives me a bad appearance یا reputation.

Fave Colour: Well it's not a colour it's مزید of a shade I'll have to say Black یا White.

Fave Food: سیم, پھلی Tacho and Spicy Mexican Salsa.

Pet Peeve: Howling at moving objects and chasing fast cars that go down the road. What I'm a werewolf.
Ghouls falling...
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posted by xMiss-IceQueenx
Authors Note~ ارے Guys this is my new story called Seven Kingdoms and I worked like really hard on it . It has your پسندیدہ Monster High Characters in a sort of quest and adventurous story and a Medieval/Fantasy/Futuristic setting so I hope آپ like . 


The light flickered off the دیوار as the two doors opened to the large تخت room in front of him.

"My lady , we don't have much time left till the rebellion begins we have to hurry." The tall black haired vampire spoke as he ran in.

The medium tall were-cat whipped around her مالٹا, نارنگی hair flipping with her and...
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cleo walked in her room and cry when nefera came in her room. -hi lil sis کہا nefera- NEFERA GET OUT OF MY ROOM DONT U SEE IM CRYING NOW GET OUT NOW!! whatever nefera walked out of the room cleo wonder y would deuce break up with me? i will get him back one way یا the other. the اگلے دن at school linda saw jackson. hi jackson! oh hi linda jackson yawn im so tried i didnt get enough sleep last nigth i was studying for the big test in mad science. linda tough to her self i wonder if jackson can hang out later when she turned around jackson was gone and holt came ارے MRS FINE کہا holt umm hi...
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Monster High: Electrified
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