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WARNING! - this fanfic contains sexual language, crude humor and other things. This fanfic should only be read سے طرف کی mature audiences. :)

Introduction - Abby Bominable

She embraced his warm body in lust as he kissed her lips. Abby hadn't told her دوستوں she was dating Heath Burns and she never planned too. It just seemed مزید fun when no-one else knew about it.

She had never told this to anybody, but being with him made her body melt. Not literally but. She was dressed in a tight hot گلابی dress that hardly covered her breasts and a لپیٹ, لفاف کریں that went around her shoulders and tied at the front.

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Authours note: All the characters are single to add a مزید lusty effect between the female and the male spies. Rated PG-13

Since the beginning of time, monsters have been after the so called formula. To this دن two different organizations have been looking for the formula, but it couldn't be found. The formula has been hidden in the male division, until they have made a big mistake.

"Can someone explain to me why the formula is?" Frankie squeaked "Not yet rookie. The formula is far too dangerous" Clawdeen warned as she took the beaker into the lab. Frankie walked over to Spectra's ڈیسک "So can...
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Monster High: Electrified
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