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 Jane Boolittle
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Me and jackson were walking down the hall from lunch it was yesterday sense that violence happened jackson asked me who valentine was i کہا HIM pointing to Valentine who was kissing ANOTHER girl i went up to him and asked hmmm my boyfriend kissing another girl he whiped his head back its not what it looks like. It is exactly what it looks like valentine !! آپ promised me آپ never cheat on me well lookie here your cheating on me آپ lied i slapped across the face apparently:-) i slap people everyday i ran off crying so hard i couldn't breathe then jackson cauught up:-) with me i was on my...
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okay since the threadarella story it's kinda short i'm thinking of making it long oh and i'm kinda borrowing some of the parts from disney's cinderella but that's what makes the story interesting, with parodies !!! anyways here's the main cast.

cinderella-frankie stein

prince charming-jackson jekyll/holt hyde

lady tremaine-Toralei (i'm making her older)

anatasia and drizella-meowlody and purrsephone

fairy godmother-abby bominable

the grand duke-mr.rotter

the king-dr.jekyll/mr. hyde

Jaq , Gus ,mary and the other mice -Gwen, Gaga, Green Day, Girlicious, and Ghostface Killah

bruno-Watzit (i'm also making...
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