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posted by montyfan120343
I totally agree with the last post. His mother was running her own agenda to find out which part of "American Royalty" she belonged to. Instead of providing a stable, loving home, she dragged her children all over supposedly preparing them to take their place in whatever part of society she thought they belonged in. She isolated her children from other kids in case they became "contaminated" سے طرف کی kids of a lower status. His father should have insisted that those children be brought ہوم but it seemed he didn't have the
b---- he was born with. Monty didn't stand a chance of growing into "normal " manhood because his self-esteem had been dragged so low سے طرف کی his mother. It was no wonder he was always searching for a mother figure to love him and he acted out because negative attention was worse than getting no attention at all and because he was so handsome and charming, people thought he was cute and let him carry on with his antics.
posted by montyfan120343
Who cares if Monty had a small penis????????????? His looks and talent were tremendous. Monty didn't stand a chance with a mother like his and an absent father for much of 13 years. He didn't have a loving mother, henceforth he looked for love simply سے طرف کی acting out with childish behavior to gather attention from others. Monty was a heavy drinker even before his accident but then needing pain medication exacerbated his condition. Having a gay psychiatrist didn't help anything either. In my opinion, had Nancy Walker been in his life earlier, she would have taken him in hand and he might have turned out the way he did. She didn't take any guff from him. I don't think his looks were hideous after the accident just مزید rugged.