There are a lot of good actors that have gotten the attention, respect, and awards that they deserve, but there are some great actors that aren't the household names they should be. These are the سب, سب سے اوپر 10 most underrated actors in the world. This فہرست is for both live action and voice actors.

10. John DiMaggio

Most people don't know who John DiMaggio is even though he's pretty much been in every مقبول animated دکھائیں from حالیہ years. His best roles include Aquaman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Joker in Batman: Under the Red Hood. His most well known roles are Bender in Futurama and Jake in Adventure Time.

9. Seth MacFarlane

Although Seth MacFarlane does gets lots of praise for his comedy he doesn't get enough attention for his very impressive voice acting. He voices a big amount of characters in Family Guy including Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Lois' dad, and varous others. Like Mel بلانک he is able to make the various characters he voices sound different from each other.

8. William H. Macy

William H. Macy is a very well like actor, but doesn't to ever be as highly rated on best actors lists as much as he deserves to be. He's easily 1 of the most talented and charming actors of all time.

7. Adam West

Although Adam West is beloved سے طرف کی Batman شائقین I feel like he doesn't get enough credit for how dedicated he was. He seemed to be putting in the maximum amount of effort and having so much in every role he did. He did such a good job as Batman that despite being goofy his version of Batman was a inspiring role model to kids of the time. Kevin Smith admitted Batman being his inspiration to be a good person.

6. Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider seems to constantly be made fun of سے طرف کی critics. Despite his films being hated Rob puts a lot of effort into his acting. آپ don't have to like the goofy characters he played, but he deserves credit for being really good at playing eccentric characters.

5. John de Lancie

John de Lancie is a beloved actor among سٹار, ستارہ Trek and My Little ٹٹو fans, but he also deserves the honor of being called 1 of the best actors ever. There are very few actors that are مزید charming, talented, and cool as John.

4. Martin Short

Martin Short is amazing! There are very few actors that seem to have as much fun as him. He's so delightfully entertaining and has so much energy that it feels like he has a big bag of candy before going to work each day.

3. Lennie Weinrib

Lennie Weinrib is a an actor that I didn't use to know سے طرف کی name. He voiced Commissioner Gordon and EVERY male villain in the 1977 Batman show. Mr. Weinrib was great at making delightfully goofy characters be even مزید fun due to the incredible energy he had and his unique voice. He's 1 of my پسندیدہ Joker actors and he's definitely my پسندیدہ پینگوئن, پیںگان actor.

2. Mako

Mako is 1 of the most awesome actors of all time! Even though I'm not a very big پرستار of Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender Mako deserves so much respect for how incredible his voice acting was. As Iroh he was a heartwarming character and as Aku he was 1 of the coolest sounding villains ever. His speech during the Samurai Jack theme song is 1 of the most well acted speeches that I've ever heard. He sadly passed away, but he's still 1 of the best actors ever.

1. Tony جے

Tony جے is the best actor ever in my opinion. I've never heard an actor who has spoken with مزید emotion and passion than Tony. Every single character he ever played sounded fantastic. Tony should be the dictionary definition of dedicated acting. In real life Tony was a kind hearted gentleman, but as a voice actor he sounded like the most sinister person ever. To be able to do that requires awesome acting which Tony ALWAYS did. He sadly passed away, but his acting and singing deserves to be listened to.

Thank آپ for reading the list. Feel free to تبصرہ about what آپ think of these 10 gentlemen and please تبصرہ on which actors آپ think are the most underrated.