Marc Fajardo
Not everyone gets a chance to cozy-up to Dame Helen Mirren, but actor Marc Fajardo found out what it was like when he worked with her on the recently released feature film, The Leisure Seeker.

From Italian director Paolo Virzi, film follows an aging married couple Ella (Mirren) and John (Donald Sutherland) on an unforgettable journey in their faithful old RV. Terry (Marc Fajardo) runs across the couple at a campsite he works at, providing some much needed hope and help to Ella.

On the small screen, Marc is fresh off his role as a key video game designer on Alan Ball’s new HBO series Here And Now, and as a hotel clerk on USA’s anthology, UNSOLVED: The Murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

A Filipino-American, born and raised in Los Angeles, Marc previously appeared as an escaped prisoner that smuggles exotic turtles in CBS’s S.W.A.T., in addition to stints on Lady Dynamite]/i] (Netflix), [i]It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX), CSI-Cyber (CBS), Pretty Little Liars (ABC), and Sleepy Hollow (FOX). Plus, he’s really good at hip-hop, having been a choreographer and dancer with the team, Haluan.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Marc Fajardo to find out more.

What can آپ tell us about your role in The Leisure Seeker?

MARC: I play Terry, a campsite employee who helps Ella (Mirren) in a critical moment of distress. She befriends me because we realize we have certain things in common.

Did آپ do anything specific to prepare for the role?

MARC: Since my role is very specific according to the character breakdown, I decided to take a vogueing dance class at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio because I felt that’s what the character would do. And every دن I’d walk and talk like him. I wanted to prepare not just for the role but for meeting Helen Mirren so I decided to read her book “In the Frame: My Life in Words & Pictures”. I figured it would give us something to talk about on set.

How is it working alongside acting royalty Helen Mirren?

MARC: Her presence was calming and angelic. She made me feel at home. It felt like she was taking care of me. She made sure I had a آم sorbet in between shot set ups because it was very warm and humid at the location.

When Paolo, our Director, decided not to get any close-up’s of us in our scene, Helen کہا “it would be a shame to miss that cute reaction of his” and touched my cheek gently.

Any interesting stories from the set that آپ can share with us?

MARC: It almost felt guerrilla-style filmmaking when shooting our scene. It took place along one of the beaches in Key West, FL. It was an exterior shot and we traveled in our mini golf cart. There was a restaurant adjacent to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ with probably a soccer game going on and people were cheering and laughing every now and then, so it was a miracle that we got perfect sound during our scene. People were staring in awe and I think paparazzi drove past us in a Mercedes SUV with tinted windows. It was all such an experience for me.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your پسندیدہ actor/actress?

MARC: Alongside Helen Mirren, I’d say Robert Downey Jr., Cate Blanchett, Sam Rockwell, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, Phylicia Rashad, there’s way too many.

What role from the past do آپ wish آپ could have played?

MARC: Spider-Man یا maybe Nightcrawler from the X-Men movies.

Favorite movie یا TV دکھائیں from your childhood.

MARC: The Goonies. I love adventure that involves friends.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

MARC: I can speak Italian.

How can شائقین keep up with you?

MARC: My Twitter @TheMarcFajardo link and Instagram: @TheMarcFajardo link

یا my website: link
"The Leisure Seeker" - on set
Marc Fajardo