Isabella Sanchez
Expecting parents often worry about their unborn child and hope that their new baby will arrive happy and healthy.

Typically, they’re not worried about what color their newborn will be upon entering the world. But, that is exactly the complex situation presented in Will McFadden's new indie feature film, ‘Doubting Thomas,’ inspired سے طرف کی true events.

White couple, Jen (Sarah Butler) and Tom (McFadden), are excited to welcome their new baby boy into the world, there's just one unexpected problem -- the boy is black. As suspicion is raised that family friend Ron (Jamie Hector) might be the boy’s biological father, will the truth be revealed too late to save this new fragile family?

Actress Isabella Sanchez enters the storyline as Ron’s love interest, Gianna, who is also alarmed over his possible indiscretion.

شائقین might recognize Isabella from her appearances on the Netflix series “Girlboss,” NBC’s sitcom “Marlon,” and the award-winning indie film, “The Custom Mary.” And, keep your eyes peeled for her coming soon in the indie film “Compton’s Finest,” about two Detectives on the hunt for a Columbian drug lord wreaking havoc in Compton.

Isabella took time to answer a few سوالات about ‘Doubting Thomas’ on the heels of its acclaimed world premiere at the 2018 Dances With Films festival.

Tell us about your role in “Doubting Thomas.”

ISABELLA: It’s a movie about what a very happy loving soon to be parental couple does when they are pushed to deal with race and trust.

How was it to work alongside Jamie Hector?

ISABELLA: It’s funny because I followed his character Marlo on “The Wire,” who is this tough guy, drug dealer and I was expecting one thing, and it turns out he’s the nicest, most respectful person. I learned a lot of tips from him on set.

What do آپ think audiences will take away from this film?

ISABELLA: That there is some sort of logical explanation on to why things occur; that we shouldn't assume یا judge. And, that communication between your partner and دوستوں is the key.

Also, that racism is something that آپ can't just brush off. It’s an ugly monster who rears its head at آپ whenever it wants.

Any interesting stories from the set آپ can share with us?

ISABELLA: Well...there was an intimate scene between Jamie and myself. So, when I got to set and it was kind of like: 'Hi! Nice to meet آپ Jamie, I'm Isabella...’ then the Assistant Director interrupted and کہا ‘Isabella it's time for آپ to de-robe now.’

All of a sudden, here I am half naked in front of this person who I was just seeing on my screen at ہوم and admire so much. But, as awkward as a situation like that could be, Jamie was very respectful and made me feel very comfortable. comfortable as آپ can be with a director and an entire crew in the room.

What’s the biggest lesson آپ learned from working on this project?

ISABELLA: Patience. It took a while for this movie to finish and finally premiere. I had forgotten about it when I get an میل ای saying ‘Hey, we have a premiere date.’

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your پسندیدہ actor/actress?

ISABELLA: That’s a tough one, but if I had to choose one would be Denzel Washington. I worked with him on “Roman Esquire.” I was watching him get into character from the sidelines and it was just remarkable. آپ learn just from watching him behind the scenes.

What role from the past do آپ wish آپ could have played?

ISABELLA: Maria Elena in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” which was played سے طرف کی Penelope Cruz. I think we all have a little Maria Elena in us.

Favorite movie یا TV دکھائیں from your childhood.

ISABELLA: “Saved سے طرف کی the Bell,” I used to watch the reruns in Venezuela. OMG…I wanted to be like Zach.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

ISABELLA: I speak a little Arabic. I learned from volunteering in refugee camps in the Middle East. And I’m a pit بیل charmer -- something like a snake charmer but for pit بیل dogs.

How can شائقین keep up with you?

ISABELLA: Follow me on Instagram @isabellamoi link and Twitter @isabellamoi link

Thanks, Isabella – you’ve certainly charmed us!

Isabella Sanchez in 'Doubting Thomas'
Jamie Hector and Isabella Sanchez at premiere of 'Doubting Thomas' (photographer: Ry Hidden)
"Doubting Thomas' world premiere at Dances With Films (photographer: Ry Hidden)