It was a hometown welcome for Hollywood-based actress Tammy Kaitz who went back to Denver to shoot the new comedy feature film, “Man Camp.”

Tammy was lured back to Colorado سے طرف کی the role of Theresa, a smart and sassy mother of three grown children who catch their mom off-guard at their family کیبن with her secret fiancé, portrayed سے طرف کی Pete Gardner of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” fame. Her sons decide to put their mom’s new beau to the test to see if he’s good enough to شامل میں their Mann family.

Directed سے طرف کی Nate Bakke, the film also stars Erik Stocklin along with Daniel Cummings and Scott Kruse, who both co-wrote and co-produced the picture.

Having never shot a film project in her hometown, Tammy jumped at the chance. She explains, “What a full دائرے, حلقہ moment to come back to Denver, where our families and even our sons now live, to work as an actor on a terrifically funny feature film!”

Tammy started her career on the community stages in Denver and earned a B.A. in Theatre from the یونیورسٹی of Colorado Boulder. Afterwards, she made her way to London, where she studied at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Moving to Hollywood was the اگلے step in her professional acting pursuit, where she has landed in numerous projects. Most recently, she played the hot-ticket divorcee ‘Laurie Curtis’ in Mike Gutridge’s indie horror-comedy film, “The Bone Garden,” with Tracie Savage. Her ویژن ٹیلی credits include Lifetime’s "Strong Medicine," Showtime’s "Resurrection Blvd" and a recurring role on ABC’s "Knot’s Landing."

On the festival circuit, she has appeared in several award-winning projects, such as the feature film "The Birthday Gift," the TV pilot "Kosher Pig," and the dramatic web series, "Split." Tammy won the Valley Theater League’s ‘Lead Actress of the Year’ award for her role in the stage production "The Baby Dance"; and earned critical praise for her role in "Infinite Black Suitcase."

Up next, Tammy will appear in the dramatic-thriller, "Grief," and in the heartwarming autism drama "Duke."

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Tammy Kaitz - on set "Man Camp"
Tammy Kaitz - behind the scenes of "Man Camp"