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Source: Tommy - 05
"It's dosent make sense..." I say softly and dosen't even smile to Cheri.

"Ooka..." Cheri whispered
"I cannot belive that, we was all the time enemys! Even when we was kids!" I shout, dropping all کتابیں in floor. "Everyone lie to me..."

"Ooka, come down! I can explain!" Cheri takes my arms and try to stop me.

I look around of my room.

I was destroyed every تصویر albums of my family and picture's of my friends. Glasses was broked and try to fixed on tapes.

"I cannot belive... I liked آپ when I was child, but now.. I hate you", I cryied, trying to hide that for Cheri. "I hate آپ so badly now!"
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posted by seuris
 Love is war! ~ <3
Love is war! ~ <3
(One of my texts :3 I just feel little bit sad and make this;)

Want Kill Your love

'You could forget about it
what ever I wanted to
I do not ring, but the eternal

I do not want it back.
I rejected the faith, hope and love,
and worship of death.

I am asking to be let in,
go away already!
آپ are a deceiver,
آپ do anything else آپ could be.
Maybe even get it
سے طرف کی آپ from dying
I prayed'

(It's short but hard text and tell my feelings f´right now, but I still be happy... ^^)
( I wanted soo much make this, but want too there is my friends! :3 In first chapter, here is:
Segafan: Mina Mongoose
KazukiTheSkunk: Kazuki The Skunk
Aimee147: Sophie (first alice)
MephilesTheDark: Mephiles (second alice)

Kazuki open book silence....

"In some place was a little dream. Who dreamed it, unknown... Such truly little dream it was." he said

"The little dream thought, I don't want to be vanishing like this, how can I make people watch me?" Mina say, after Kazuki.

"The little dream thought and thought... and finally came up (with an idea)."

"I could get people stray into me, and let them make...
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