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posted by AquoMoon
"Time to take a test Twilight," کہا the stallion as he took of his ڈاکو, ہڈ سے طرف کی using telekineses the stallion had a spiky red mane a black and red tail and purple make upin shapes of upside down tears,"Hey are آپ going to ask what my name is Twilight," asked the stallion,"oh yeah ummm may i ask whats your name?","Finnaly an answer I could answer I'm Axel so are آپ ready?" asked Axel again,"Uhh yeah I guess since I never failed one before." کہا Twilight. Axel took a step back and cherged up to chakrams,"well than Lets get going!" Axel کہا as Twilight had her thing to deafend herself with book called a lexicon. "Fine I see آپ know how to fight Ms.Sparkle," Screamed Axel as he charged at Twilight Twilight blocked the hit and she countered it سے طرف کی shooting a magical beam at Axel Axel dogded it and kicked Twilight سے طرف کی using his hind legs and Twilight was deafeted.

Axel came up to Twilight and said,"You passed here a card آپ will need it to get out of here and survive with your memmories." "No get back here I'm not done with آپ and tell me who آپ actually are?" Twilight asked before she passed out "Hmm you're a courios one aren't آپ fine I'll tell آپ and آپ only I am a nobody with no actuall beings, آپ should get some rest before your اگلے trip you'll need it trust me." کہا Axel,"Fine Axel I'll do what آپ say this time" کہا Twilight.

"Hey آپ want advice, no I'll say the advice anyway your دل is filled with light and love the مزید you're here the مزید memmories آپ lose and the مزید darkness reachs in your hart got it memmorized? and here a piece of paper آپ can have only one آپ can message family of دوستوں and I'll send it got it memmorized?","yes i do axel before she got to write on the paper she past out and Axel left the piece of paper on the floor and left.
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