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Stormy: That's enough Discord!!
Discord: nothing is enough for me!
Score: (picks up Nikki and takes her behind some bushes) I'm so sorry Nikki, *sniff* hang on there! (Goes back to fight)
Stormy: Your never gonna get away with this!
Discord: I already got away with this! BWAHAHAHAHA!!
Score: Well? What are آپ waiting for? Stab me if آپ can.
Discord: Very Well, (picks up Score) ready?
Score: Rea-
Stormy: WAIT!!!!
Score: Stormy?! What are آپ doing?!?
Stormy: Listen Discord, آپ are-
Discord: So powerful? So Handsome? So evil?
Discord: Then what am I?
Score: Don't listen to her! Stab me! Now!
Discord: (about to stab her, but then.....)

The Colts appeared, but without PC. Brawny got his rope and through it right on سب, سب سے اوپر the knife, causing it to fall down.

Discord: WHAT?!?!?
Stormy: Where's PC?!
Pixel: She's not there.
BS: Pixel is right, we looked everywhere
Brawny: Eeyup
Twirl: Where are the others?
Stormy: there all hurt behind those trees and bushes...
Jack: Okay, Brawny!
Brawny: Yes?!
Jack: آپ take care of Discord okay?!
Brawny: Eeyup! (Kicks Discord, which causes Score to fall down, but Pixel Catches her)
Pixel: آپ okay?
Score: *blushes* yeah....

Brawny tied up Discord really good. And he put tape on his mouth. Meanwhile, Twirl stood beside Stormy. Brawny went where Nikki was, Jack went where Azura was, BS went where CS was. Then, something very Cute happens....

Jack: (kisses Azura)
All: *gasp*
Azura: (suddenly wakes up) *gasp* Jack? آپ saved me! (Hugs him)
Jack: (hugs her back)
BS: (kisses CS)
CS: (wakes up) huh? BS? life! (Kisses him back)
All: Awwww
Brawny: (Kisses Nikki)
Nikki: (wakes up) B-Brawny?
Brawny: Eeyup?
Nikki: (kisses him back)
Discord: mmmmf!!!!
Pixel: *stares at score*
Score: *rolls eyes* Oh, what the hay?! (Kisses Pixel)
Stormy: (smiles at Twirl)
Twirl: (Kisses Stormy)
Discord: MMMMMFFFFF!!!

To be continued........
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