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applejack کی, اپپلیجاک & Rarity hid the gun in the bathroom, and talked to Dan on the phone.

Rarity: They should be there in a minute.
Dan: I see a continental, is that them?
Applejack: If it's got Nickel Lesscage then that's the one.
Dan: He's not in there, but his crappy sidekick is.
Applejack: Alright, well kill him.
Dan: With pleasure, but I gotta go now.
Manehattan pony23: Dan, so good to see you.
Dan: Yes, but where's Nickel?
Manehattan pony23: Unfortunately he couldn't make it, so he sent his سیکنڈ highest ranked ٹٹو to be here.
2nd pony: That's me.
Dan: I see. Let's grab some dinner.
Manehattan pony23: Lets. *gets in car*

So the Manehattan mob drove onto a bridge when Dan noticed something.

Dan: We heading for Fillydelphia?
Manehattan pony23: Maybe
2nd pony: Turn around
Manehattan pony23: *goes on other side of highway*
2nd: Excellent work *laughs*
Dan: *laughs*

20 منٹ after accidentally heading into Fillydelphia, the three ponies arrived at a italian place called La Savita.

Manehattan pony23: So if were to set up a truce with you're mafia, we gotta trust you.
2nd pony: We don't wanna be screwed over.
Dan: And آپ won't.
Manehattan pony23: It's sad your the only one from your family here.
Dan: I work hard for my family. Whenever قوس قزح Dash tells me to do something, I get it done.
2nd pony: That's how everypony should be, taking orders from their bosses.
waiter: Three spaghetti's with meatballs.
Manehattan pony23: Thanks. آپ got our drinks?
waiter: Yes, two سیب, ایپل ciders, and a Colta cola.
Dan: Thanks.
Manehattan pony23: Why didn't آپ get any booze?
Dan: Didn't feel like it.
2nd pony: *eats spaghetti* La Savita's food is one of the best in Equestria. Maybe the greatest of all time.
Dan: I hear you. I've been here many times.
Manehattan pony23: Then آپ already know how good it is.
Dan: I have to use the bathroom. Is that ok?
2nd pony: Well when آپ gotta go, آپ gotta go.
Manehattan pony23: تلاش him.
2nd pony: Don't have to, he's clean.
Dan: *walks into bathroom*

While Dan went looking for the gun, the other two ponies were eating their dinner.

Dan: Got it *flushes toilet*
Manehattan pony23: You're back, good. Now where were we?
2nd pony: We were discussing our truce. We won't attack آپ anymore, and we'll assist آپ with whoever you're against.

La Savita is سے طرف کی train tracks, and when a train passed that's when Dan did it.

Dan: *kills Manehattan pony23*
2nd pony: O_O
Dan: *shoots 2nd pony's head twice*
Mr. Savita: What is this?
Dan: *leaves restaurant*

After killing a couple of Manehattan's سب, سب سے اوپر ponies, Dan had to skip town, and deal with things in Vanhoover. During that Pinkie Pie returned.

Pinkie Pie: قوس قزح Dash, I found out what Nickel Lesscage does to make مزید money.
قوس قزح Dash: About time. We were trying to kill him, but we weren't able to.
Pinkie Pie: He makes a lot of it at the docks, smuggling in illegal cider.
قوس قزح Dash: Thanks for telling me.
Pinkie Pie: No problem Dashie. I'm gonna leave now since you're busy.
قوس قزح Dash: Ok, but could آپ do something for me first?

What shall Pinkie Pie be doing for her boss?

اگلے part will be گیا کیا پوسٹ tomorrow.
 Since these two ponies died here is what they looked like.
Since these two ponies died here is what they looked like.
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