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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The three ponies went for a walk toward a سکینگ resort. Rareesa lives in a really cool part of town, literally.

Fenix: I have some soldiers stationed سے طرف کی here. They'll be able to get us from here to Discord's base.
Con: Alright, in the mean time the three of us can go skiing.
Koreans: *arrive on snowmobiles*
Fenix: یا not.
Con: Go get those soldiers, we'll cover you!
korean pony62: Hello آپ two.
Rareesa: Hi.
korean pony62: Don't think about running, because we are getting help from sweden.
Con: آپ need all the help آپ can get to stop us. *shoots korean pony* Take his snowmobile!
Rareesa: *leaves on snowmobile*
korean pony85: Alright آپ two, as we planned.
Con: *skis down hill*
sweden pony24: *follows Con*
Con: *switches to automatic firing*
sweden pony52: HA! He has a small pistol!
Con: *kills sweden ponies*
korean pony85: *passes & shoots at Con*
Rareesa: Oh brilliant!
korean pony85: *shoots Rareesa*
Rareesa: *teleports behind pony*
korean pony85: What?!
Rareesa: *breaks the pony's neck*
Con: Rareesa! آپ ok?
Rareesa: I'm alright darling. Where are the germans?
Fenix: In helicopters!
Con: Excellent.
Fenix: Hop in, and we'll get to Discord's base.
Con & Rareesa: *Get in helicopter*
German pony35: *flies helicopter*
Con: How many ponies are here?
Fenix: 12, and they're all willing to fight alongside you.
Con: Excellent. Where is Discord's base?
german pony35: Right in front of us.

I'll دکھائیں آپ a picture of the base, but the rest will all be told later.
 Discord's base of operations
Discord's base of operations
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There's a lot مزید where this came from ;)
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my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
posted by Seanthehedgehog
In another part of Brazil, the Militia was getting ready for Mr. Black's plan.

Hola: *Walks in* All the money is in your car sir.
Mr. Black: Great. Now, we must get to Casino Royale in Paris, but first I have a plan for you.
Hola: What?
Mr. Black: We need مزید money, so get us some in Maredagascar. Place some bets on the ponies that are having animals fighting.
Hola: How do I know which one to choose?
Mr. Black: You'll know for sure. And, if آپ lose, steal the money. Once آپ get it, meet Der Cheif at the train yard. Our train will leave for Paris in five days.
Hola: Affirmative.

Two, and a half...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
In the train station, where Mr. Black, and Der Cheif was waiting.

Mr. Black: What is taking Hola so long? I can't trust her if she's going to do something too long.
Der Cheif: Gambling is a hard thing to do. Especially if you're not good at it. Hola is not good at gambling.
Mr. Black: And so I've noticed. *Turns on TV*
Reporter: This is CPN, Canadian ٹٹو News. We've received word that two ponies were chasing each other in a construction sight in Maredagascar.
Camerapony: *Zooms in on scene*
Mr. Black: That's Hola being chased!
Camerapony: Officials say that they do not know who the mare was,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night, Con was sent to the airport to find Lasala.

Con: *Looking at passengers* (P told me Lasala was a grey stallion with a black mane.) *Continues looking*
Dutch ponies: *Looking at Con*
Dutch Captain: *Grabs walkie talkie* Now?
Lasala: Now.
Dutch Captain: *Looks at Dutch ponies* Now

All five of them grabbed sub machine guns, and started shouting

Dutch Captain: Everypony on the ground now!
Con: *Sees Lasala out on runway*
Dutch pony: *Goes to Con* Hey, get on the ground!
Con: *Teleports onto runway*
Lasala: *Grabs rocket launcher*
Con: *Pointing gun at Lasala* Stop!
Lasala: *Shoots rocket at Con*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
اگلے morning, Con was back at his ساحل سمندر, بیچ house. The police misunderstood what Con was trying to do, and they took him back to his house, where P was waiting for him.

P: آپ put a great effort in preventing that airplane from being blown up.
Con: Thank آپ sir. Why was that ٹٹو trying to blow it up?
P: Ever since 9/11, security in airports have been very high. Some may even say too high. The United States of Equestria has tried to create a new jetplane which can spot terrorists, inside the plane, and security cameras mounted with lazers kill the terrorists. As a result, security in airports would...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con returned to the game. He played two مزید rounds, when this happened.

Der Cheif: I will take three cards.
Dealer: Alright. Now, it's time to bet.
Der Cheif: I am going all in.
Ponies: Ooooh.
Con: That may be a bad choice *Goes all in*
Der Cheif: For you.
Dealer: دکھائیں everypony your hand.
Con: Straight flush
Dealer: Der Cheif. What do آپ have?
Der Cheif: *Eyes everypony with suspicion* Royal Flush.
Dealer: Der Cheif is the winner. Everypony coming back may return in two hours.
Der Cheif: *Has $26,800,983*
Con: *Slowly leaves table*

When Con returned, he heard the shower

Con: *Walks slowly to shower*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con went back to the hotel room after getting مزید money from Fenix. He was going to tell Vesper the good news, when.

Lasala: *Holding Vesper hostage*
Con: What were آپ doing earlier?
Lasala: Looking for your money
Con: *Shoots Lasala's gun*
Lasala: *Pushes Vesper onto floor*
Con: *Tackles Lasala*
Vesper: *Screaming for no good reason*
Lasala: *Leaves room*
Con: Come here! *Pushes Lasala downstairs*
Lasala: *Grabs Con*

Both unicorns rolled down the stairs, as Vesper ran after them screaming.

Lasala: *Grabs knife*
Con: *sees Knife*
Vesper: Con, look out! He has a knife!
Con: No shit! *Kicks Lasala*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After Con crashed his car, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself tied to a chair in a abandoned warehouse.

Con: *Wakes up*
Der Cheif: Remember me?
Con: *Sees Der Cheif* What do آپ want?
Der Cheif: آپ took all my money, and I want it now. *Hits Con* Where is it?
Con: *Coughs*
Der Cheif: What was that? *Hits Con* I need to know where the money is.
Con: Go fuck yourself.
Der Cheif: *Hits Con, and kicks him*
Mr Black: *Arrives*
Der Cheif: Ah, sir. I was just about to ask him where the money was.
Mr. Black: No need for that. He doesn't know shit, so let him out.
Der Cheif: Sir-
Mr. Black:...
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